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The Longdogs
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Another Trip Through Six Flags

Christmas break with the grand kids is rolling to a close so we made another trip to Six Flags on Sunday. Steve, Helen, and Cameron are all up for the wild exciting rides.  Morgan and I, not so much. We did do the airplanes that fly around and go up and down. Some friends of Steve and Helen's were also there. Rachel is about Morgan's age so she and her Mom hit the planes with us. I suggested that we go in two separate planes so that each of the girls could be a pilot and it was definitely the right decision. Morgan loved being in charge of the "flight" and we went up and down a bunch of times.

Lisa and her daughter were in the "car" in front of us so each of the girls got to "drive", another hit.

The girls rode the teacups too but they didn't make theirs spin even once.....but they had fun anyway.

Scooby-do to you too.

I was disappointed that they didn't seem to have any of the regular shows going over Christmas break but we did get to see one with great carolers and another one with singers and dancers that were both really good.

And I think we rode the carousel at least three times, maybe four....but who is counting.  The park closes until March but I know the kids will be eager to go again.

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  1. Now THAT looks like a real fun day!

    Karen and Steve
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