The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Quick Run Down to Rockport/Fulton TX

Wednesday, I planned to make a quick trip down to the Gulf Coast.....Rockport/Fulton TX to be more specific. I am planning a rally for a group I belong to and I had already checked out online and called about 25 RV parks in the area. After narrowing it down to 5 or 6 possibilities, I wanted to visit and check them out in person.....sometimes websites can be a bit misleading. Mary Jane agreed to go along.

We planned to set out by about 8 AM since it would be a long day. I woke up to fog.....I mean the cotton ball kind of thick fog that is really unusual for San Antonio. I picked up Mary Jane and we set off hoping that the fog would clear any moment.

Well, we headed out the back way so there would be less traffic.  Going through town at 8 AM with this kind of fog was out of the question. We went slow and you could only see three car lengths in front of you. We both found it absolutely amazing that about 1/3 of the cars didn't have their lights on....they were virtually invisible 3 car lengths ahead unless they stepped on the breaks.  It took us about an hour and a half to go what would normally have only taken a half hour. Finally, the sun broke through and minutes later, the fog disappeared like it had never been. What a relief!  The rest of the drive was great with full sun and warm weather.

We came into Rockport from the north end with the GPS programmed to take us from one park to the next.  It was interesting to see each different park and know that what makes a park great for a rally is not the same thing as what makes it a great park for an individual RVer. We needed a park that had decent amenities, a reasonable price, and who could put the whole group together in one area with good access to the amenities. Our second stop fit the bill perfectly but we still went on to look at the rest to be fair. The second park was the best by fair and, miracle of miracles, also offered us the best price! Woohoo!

We stopped for a very late lunch at a Burger King with this view across the road from us.  Nice, huh?
Our last stop before heading home was the Visitor's Center where had a nice visit with a man from the chamber of commerce and picked up lots of pamphlets. I think everyone is going to love this rally.

Birthdays Are Big in January

January has always been a big month for birthdays in our Dad, my brother, my son, and my granddaughter all celebrate during January. The kids were here this weekend so we celebrated Morgan's birthday on Saturday. The day started off with a trip to the movies to see Moana. Grandpa went to the Gunshow while the rest of us went to Moana. It was actually a really good animated movie show that we all enjoyed. Then came the birthday dinner and party.

In case you were wondering, Morgan had a King cake for her birthday. She loves the fact that she can have a special cake because her birthday falls when they are available.

After the party, Steve, Helen, Morgan, and Cameron were off to a Monster Truck show. Angus came home with Grandma.

Sunday dawned on another birthday......Steve's big day.

We had to have a second King cake to celebrate!

You may have noticed the hat the birthday worn by the birthday pair. Helen found this wild hat and it immediately became the family birthday hat. Those are candles on the top and it says Happy Birthday on the front. There is also a Ronald McDonald's birthday plate that the birthday person uses.

It was a great weekend and I think both celebrants enjoyed their day!

A Quick Trip to WImberley, TX

Some days are just too nice to sit home so Birdie and I were off to Wimberley for a drive. We had a nice walk around town. They have a popcorn shop with more flavors of popcorn than you can imagine. The Kiss the Cook kitchen shop is always a must stop too.

Just a quick teaser on the boot statues.  If you haven't been to Wimberley or haven't been in a very long time, you need to visit just to see all the boots around town. Every one is different. Follow the "boots" link to read the story behind the boots.

We walked up to the Wimberley Pie Company but all they had that day was whole pies and we just wanted a we settled on a visit to The Wooden Spoon for frozen yogurt. It's a nice friendly little shop. It was a great drive through the countryside and a fun visit to a neat place.

Lunch With Some Pink FlaminGoes

A couple of Pink FlaminGoes came through San Antonio which is always cause for celebration. They took in the Alamo and Riverwalk their first day. We planned to meet for lunch and their only request was no chain restaurants....someplace that represented San Antonio.  Mi Tierra immediately came to mind as a San Antonio landmark. Margareta and I picked up Barb and Kat and we were off.

Next, we headed across the courtyard to El Mercado or Market Square....another great San Antonio landmark. We found a fabulous display of pink flamingoes.

Kat decided she couldn't live without one. Of course, you can see that they are big Oklahoma State and the big game was here in San was everywhere.

It always great to get together with friends especially when you can introduce them to San Antonio. With a short amount of time here, they got a great taste and will be back.

Christmas Cheer

I got a real nice surprise Christmas Eve day. Some of you will remember that I had two blowouts on my 5th wheel while on a trip out to Arizona in October. Bought both of the tires at the same place at the same time, they were only two years old, in perfect shape as I keep them covered when not in use, and the 5th wheel is definitely not overloaded. They were also higher rated than the original tires, were properly inflated and blew out within 150 miles of each other all of which combined made me feel pretty confident they were defective. Discount Tire in Albuquerque and Flagstaff (where I replaced the tires) filed claims for me with Goodyear. Goodyear was dawdling around with taking responsibility so I ended up filing with Progressive so I could get the RV repaired (about $8000 total for the two claims). I paid the deductible on each claim and Progressive went after Goodyear. Christmas Eve, I got two checks from Progressive returning my deductibles because Goodyear paid up. It made my day not only getting the money back and taking away the claims but because Goodyear had to accept responsibility.

We had a good Christmas with family this year. We had the big Christmas dinner with prime rib on Christmas Eve at our house. Christmas day was at our son and DIL's house. The grandkids were here for the holidays and called us at 8:30 AM Christmas morning to find out how soon we would be over. It works out better this way so the kids can have all their presents there and other toys to play with during the day. Helen made mini-quiche as well as a couple of regular size quiche for brunch along with sausages and croissants. Later on we had prime rib sandwiches so it was a relaxing day for everyone.

My son and I managed to keep my husband's new Grom motorcycle a secret for a whole month before Christmas because Steve stored it in his storage building for me. It is a small bike compared to his other motorcycles but he and Steve both wanted one. I put the title in a shirt box and he had to go out to the garage to find the bike.

Hoping all of you had good Christmas's too.

The Beauty of Christmas is all Around Us

Just wanted to share some of the really beautiful Christmas displays in South Central Texas.

Marble Falls, TX

Pedernales Electric Coop, Johnson City TX

Park by the square, Blanco TX

Travis Park, San Antonio TX

The Riverwalk, San Antonio TX

There is so much beauty at this time of year, if we just stop and take the time to look! Have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are.

Grape Creek Vineyards....Fredricksburg, TX

Late Saturday morning, Steve, Helen, Angus, and I headed towards Fredricksburg TX. Steve took us cross-country on several back country roads. It was really a nice drive and we saw a surprising number of trees changing their colors. Our first stop was Grape Creek Vineyards on the Hwy 290 Wine Trail. I was amazed at how many vineyards and wineries there are now around Fredricsburg especially along Hwy 290 between Fredricksburg and Johnson City.

My DIL joined the Grape Creek Vineyard after an earlier visit with friends. She gets special deals on wine packages as well as free wine tastings for two when she visits. Steve was the designated driver as he isn't a big wine drinker. The vineyard and winery are very nice.

They have outdoor patios for both members and nonmembers.

They also have a Trattoria where you can order pizza or cheese/cracker trays. We had three different kinds of pizza (personal size) although neither Helen or I could finish ours so we had take homes.

We went to one of the member's patios to do our wine sampling.

We both like the same kind of wines.......definitely not dry.

It was nice enough to be outside for lunch and tastings but they do have an indoor area in the gift shop as well.

It was a really nice way to enjoy several hours.

We only visited the one vineyard on this trip because we also wanted to visit Fredricksburg. We walked around to see the sights and people-watch. Angus wasn't really sure about these fish moving around right under his nose.

Fredricksburg was definitely a busy place.

It was great to be back in Fredricksburg but it was way too short so another trip will have to made in the near future. You can't visit here too often....there is always something to see.