The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

2019-01-22 Steve's Birthday

January is a busy month for birthdays in the Phipps family. My brother Tim has a January birthday in addition to Morgan and Steve. My Dad's birthday was also in January.  Steve is 47 this year but it is pretty hard to tell. He is very young looking. He got those genes from his Dad who is also very young looking for his age.

In addition to the family birthday hat, we also have a family birthday plate.  The kids can't protest too much because the adults also participate.

Steve had a Mardi Gras King Cake for his birthday. It looked a lot more garish in person as the colors for Mardi Gras are green, purple, and gold.  They come in all different flavors but Steve did not want fruit in his so he has cinnamon. We buy them every year from HEB because everyone likes them. This year we were not impressed as it was hollow and dry.  Hmmm..

I think this card was pretty funny from the look on Steve's face.
Another birthday with the family. We love them when we can all be together and sometimes juggle the dates so the kids can be here too.  Happy Birthday Steve.

2019-01-20 Morgan's Birthday

Yes, it's true. We have another teenager grandchild. Morgan turned 13. She is the youngest grandchild.  She is still our fun kid so far. Harley is giving her birthday kisses.

You may recognize the is the family birthday hat. In case you can't tell, it is a cake with candles on top.

My daughter-in-law found a pancake birthday online. Steve made the pancakes with butterscotch chips and Helen frosted the cake. The frosting kind of melted since the "cake" layers were warm but Morgan like it anyway.

 I keep telling Helen that one day she is going to regret making faces for the camera but she is fun and can't help herself.

Morgan has shot up tall this year. I think I may still have an inch on her but every time I see her, I expect to lose that advantage. Happy Birthday Morgan.

2019-01-05 RV Show and Red Barn Lunch GTG

The RV show in San Antonio was very early in January. We made plans for a bunch of Texas Ramblin' Roses to meet up at the show and then go out for lunch. Well, quite a few showed up. There were lots of RVs but none of us fell in love with any of them at least enough to shell out any cash. Most of them made me appreciate the one I already have. They had some programs but none of the ones I was interested in fell in the right time range.  The Vendor Booths were not very prevalent or overly interesting to most of us. A few were good. We were all hoping for more RV type supplies for sale.
A late lunchtime rolled around and everyone was ready to leave. We headed to the Little Red Barn.

They have menus but the menu is also on the wall.

The waitresses are pretty proficient with delivering orders quickly.

You might have expected the food to be flattened but it wasn't and it was good.

Another great day with RVing friends.

It Looks a Lot Like Christmas

Here's to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Of course Willy and Harley have a Weenie dog in their front yard!

Not the three wise men but these guys have been around a long time.

Not our tree but the one at Pearl Brewery park.

We have been having beautiful warm weather this week......our kind of Christmas weather. So Mary Jane, Sage, and I went down to the Riverwalk to check out the beautiful lights. I really need to learn how to do selfies.

River center mall......

The Riverwalk was really lovely. We took the boat around.

The whole side of the building as a Christmas tree.

Amazing what you can do with patio lights. This is the Hilton Palacio hotel.  Merry Christmas!

Lunch with the Kids

Saturday the kids, grandkids, Angus, and I went down to the Pearl Brewery Market. It was a beautiful day. It is getting harder and harder to get the grandkids in a picture especially Cameron. This is the way we like our Christmas weather.....warm and sunny.

Angus has a hard time understanding why he can't go play on the astroturf with the kids. I think I am getting the "stink eye" look.

After a walk around the whole area several times, we were off to Sam's Burger Joint for lunch. Angus was happy to take a nap in the truck while we were inside.

Apparently this place has a lot going on with entertainment but I have only been there at lunch.

There burgers are good. Notice the "brand"?

Cam just made the varsity soccer team in Brownwood as a freshman.....lots of work arounds for visits are predicted. They are going up too fast.

Morgan will be a teenager next month.

Big Chief Rally Part 3

Sunday morning, there was an official "Hitch Up" breakfast with sweet rolls and coffee.  And there were actually some ladies that did hitch up and leave before noon.......usually because of that four letter word that comes on Mondays and affects the younger members..."work". However, there was a significant number that planned to stay until Monday. Some decided to take advantage of the nice weather and get some more kayaking in....Rita has scratched the itch for a lot of women who go on to buy their own kayaks.

Some of us opted to check out the Perissos Vineyards.

The Texas hill country has become a mecca for wineries and vineyards. Perissos is located on Park Road 4 south of Inks Lake State Park. They have in door seating, patio seating, and tables down under the trees.

We chose the patio since the weather was very nice but not overwhelmingly hot. There were two tables of women in our little gathering.

You don't have to be a wine snob or even a wine lover to enjoy visiting a vineyard.

Mary Ann had been to this vineyard before so she gave us a little introduction to wine growing. Soil, in addition to sun, water, and temperature all affect the grapes and shape the final taste of the wine. The soil here is similar to crumbled granite. The vineyard has jars showing different soils.

Inside the winery, you can se the various casks of wine as they age.

This poster shows the wineries all over the Hill Country. Hwy 290 between Johnson City and Fredricksburg is heavily populated with vineyards.

The winery was already decorated for the Christmas holidays.

They even had a tree that was quite unique.
We had a great time sampling some wines, cheese, and fruit and visiting with each other. Our waiter was really great and took good care of the group bringing tastings and answering questions. Definitely a fun time.