The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Texas Bluebonnet Eye Candy

It's definitely spring and the Texas bluebonnets have arrived.

A feast for the eyes.

Can you tell I love bluebonnets?

Other states can call them whatever they want to call them.....but in Texas they are bluebonnets!

All of these pictures were taken within 5 miles of my house and I live in town.

Alongside all the roads.....

I wish they could last all year but a few weeks is what we will get.

I hope to get out for more bluebonnet viewing soon.

How can you pass without stopping to look at the beautiful bluebonnets?

I hope you enjoyed the touch of spring I brought you today. I promise there will be more.


  1. We've got Indian Paintbrushes adorning the roads around Anahuac, but no Blue Bonnets. :(

  2. Great to see the bluebonnets, again. Both of our Spring trips to the Hill Country were in the drought years which resulted in a very poor showing.

  3. We had hoped to see them this year, but with all the delay on the house, we will miss them. We will be heading east for next fall and winter, perhaps we will see the bluebonnets on our way west next spring.

  4. Love your blue bonnets. Our desert is in bloom here in AZ but we don't have any blue bonnets anywhere.

  5. Lovely! I can't recall ever seeing any in person. Do they have a fragrance?


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