The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Girls Night Out

My DIL, Helen, has been talking about a Girl's Night Out for a while so we finally settled on Friday. That meant that there would also be a Boy's Night Out. It all started.......

Steve took Cameron and Morgan to the pool with the slides at Ft Sam Houston. Well, I actually dropped them off and took Steve's truck back to BAMC to visit a friend in the hospital. After I came back and picked them up, we made a stop at the XChange to check out a few things. Steve brought me home about 4:30PM and told his Dad to get ready because they were heading out....destination unknown. He left Morgan with me and when I asked him what the plans were, he said that Helen had the Girl's plans all lined up so I fed the Longdogs and headed on over to their house. Helen is a master planner but he caught her unaware with his last minute bombshell. She wanted to do pedicures but was thinking of doing them in the morning.  No problem, we can adapt.....she called one place where she wanted to go but they closed too early so we headed off to another nearby place I have gone before. They got us right in!  I should have gotten a picture of us all lined up in our massage chairs. Morgan was beaming from ear to ear. Soda, water, wine anyone?  It was a fun time.

Now for some dinner.  Helen's first choice would have been Cheesecake Factory....but we had to consider that it was getting late, it was Friday night, and we would have had an hour's wait once we finally got we headed over to Goomba's Pizza. Steve and Helen have eaten there twice and it was good.....only when we got there, it was now Mattenga's Pizzeria. That's what the little signs pasted over the Goomba's sign said anyway. We were really hungry by then so we decided to chance it anyway.

I was looking out across the restaurant thinking we would get a table when Helen said we needed to order up front at the left. Just then, a young guy who was either training the couple with him OR being trained by them (think it was the first) said "That's why we have the big "order here" sign". Wow, incredibly rude and total lack of customer friendliness. We almost walked out but Morgan was ready for pizza. So we ordered and sat down. The pizza arrived very promptly and it was good. It was very thin New York style so doesn't take long to cook. The friendliness improved when the very young male server walked around asking everyone if they had everything they needed and how we liked the pizza. It was a new summer job for him and he was excited about it.

After pizza, we headed back to Steve and Helen's. The "boys" had obviously stopped by to pick up their overnight needs and headed off to our house. They left us a funny note on the door saying "Boys Rule, Girls Drool" so I strongly suspect that was Cameron. lol.
Morgan was very excited about her promised viewing of "The Princess Diaries" so it was pajamas for all.

I guess I should have brought Gretchen with me but Angus was happy to hang with the girls.

The next morning, we fed Angus and headed back over to make breakfast at our house for everyone. Steve had a nap on the couch while the kids were playing. Do you think he didn't sleep well? Willy was taking his job as guard dog seriously. Then the boys headed out for a trip to Cabela's. Angus got to ride along with them so he was a happy puppy. 

Helen got a call from Steve while we were at Garden Ridge.  As they were driving up to Cabela's, Angus put his front feet up on the console right next to him to show him his pretty nails.


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