The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Somebody Turned Off the Heat.....and it's cold out!

I'm never in a hurry to come home from a GTG especially when I probably won't get back out in the RV for a while so I headed down to Potters Creek COE Park on Canyon Lake with my friend Birdie. We left Grand Prairie early on Monday morning hoping to miss some of the wind moving in. My 5th wheel barely notices the wind but Birdie's Class A feels it a lot more and driving in it is not fun for her. Gloria caught up with us on the way down. She was going to stay for the week but discovered a leak in her roof so she had to leave Tuesday morning and headed off to Louisiana to meet up with someone who could fix it for her.

Tuesday night, Birdie baked a little bread, we had a little salad, oops, forgot to get the main dish.

Plans were for several others to meet us here sometime this week but Claudia was the only one that made it. She arrived on Wednesday. Can't say that I blame anyone else for passing on another GTG as the bottom dropped out of the thermometer on Tuesday night with the huge cold front sweeping across the country. Claudia had to head east this morning.

In spite of the cold, we've had a good time visiting and fixing meals together. Birdie made pancakes with blueberries and walnuts yesterday and biscuits and gravy this morning. She's the early riser. I made chicken alfredo the other night. The RV's are warm. The dogs want to go outside to do their business but aren't interested in any walks in this cold.

This is the view out my back window.

I love being in my RV even when the weather isn't that great outside. See you later. Stay warm.


  1. I guess I'm going to be pleased that I chose Arizona for this winter. Last winter's ice in Houston was enough for me. ;)

  2. It only has to get cool before our girls don't want to be out any longer than necessary. They are sooo happy to be in the warm desert again. With those kinds of views, who cares how cold it is outside. Especially when it comes with blueberry pancakes.

  3. Love your view and glad you got to extend you trip. Getting cold at 5000 ft Yarnell so I'm thinking road trip further south very soon.

  4. What a cute little bread machine. Mine is way outdated. Stay warm with the doxies.


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