The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Catching Up Before Christmas

Wow, it sure is easy to get behind on your blogging. Things have been going on in spurts. My son and daughter-in-law headed to Maryland for Thanksgiving. Son came back the following week but Helen stayed because her mother had to have surgery. She would have stayed anyway but, fortunately, she is able to telework so didn't have to take the rest of the month she was there as leave.

We had to go all the way to Brownwood so the grandkids could come for one weekend. On that Saturday we went to Gruene Tx for their Trade Days as well as to see the horse parade come through town.

This should hve been my "The End" picture but I'm not done yet. :)

Everyone was excited to see the horses.

I even found a couple of items at the Trade Days for Christmas presents.

Then we had to make another trip to Brownwood on the 19th to pick up the grandkids for Christmas. Usually we meet their Mom halfway but this was another one of those special times. At this point we didn't think Helen would be back here for Christmas.

Steve and I took the kids down to the Farmers Market at the Pearl Brewery the next day. It was a little smaller than some we have been to before. Steve's dog Angus and my Willy got to tag along as it is pet friendly there.

We also went to the Festival of Angels Parade in Schertz. It was a bit skimpy this year. The weather was warm which made it nice waiting for the parade; however, there was supposed to be a snow hill but it was melted down to a really big puddle.

 This is Willy (bossy dachshund) and Angus (big blond guy) discussing their day at the Pearl Brewery. There is nothing quite like a little dachsie prancing along next to a big guy like Angus to make people sit up and pay attention. They both got more than their share of pats and positive feedback much to their delight.  They both love to meet new people and dogs.

Here is everyone posing with Steve. Every once in a while the dachsies remind Angus that Steve belonged to them first but they are willing to share. Aren't they a handsome group?

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