The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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Drifting Along with Birthdays to Break the Monotony

It seems like the days have just been drifting by. Central Texas has had more than it's share of dull, dreary, chilly days.....not the norm for us. Those dull days seem to affect me. I want to be gone somewhere sunny in the RV.

The first break in the monotony came back when friends stopped over for coffee a couple of weeks ago and then on the 12th my friend Loretta had a birthday. Her husband loves to cook and he had a dinner party for her. I think he made his best batch of Melanzana (Eggplant Parmesana) ever. It is one of my favorites. He also made a delicious batch of chicken and pasta in a creamy cheese sauce.  It was a really nice evening. AND, they sent me home with a wonderful package of Melanzana.

Then this weekend, we celebrated two more birthdays. Granddaughter Morgan and son Steve actually have birthdays this coming week but the grandkids were here for the weekend so we just celebrate as close to the dates as we can.

This is a "half and half" cake. One side is strawberry for Morgan and one side is vanilla for Steve.

I think they both enjoyed their cake and presents.

We finally got some sun and rising temperatures.

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  1. Gray and chilly is enough to make me want to hit the road for sunshine. But birthdays are always bright.


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