The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

On the Road to the Panhandle

Thursday morning I put the last items into the RV and headed over to my son's to pick him and the grandchildren up to head out on an adventure. The original plan was to take the RV to pick up the grandkids at their Mom's in Brownwood on Monday but events got in the way (post on that coming later). We headed northwest from San Antonio towards the Texas Panhandle about 9:30AM....lots of stuff to lead at their house too. 

We ran into a little rain not long after we were on the road but it didn't last. Notice all the green?  Yes, this really is Texas in June. We have gotten a lot of rain over most of the state and lakes have filled again...some way too much leading to much damage at some state parks. It rained a lot in San Antonio again while we were gone but this bit was the only rain we encountered all week.

We spent our first night in a city park in Haskell TX with full first night, $16/night thereafter. You can't beat that. Small towns in Texas and some other states as well occasionally have set-ups like this as draw to get people to stop and enjoy their town.

The RV spaces were next to a nice little park. Unfortunately the city swimming pool was not in operation but the kids and their Dad walked two blocks up to the Dairy Queen for a treat after dinner.

The park also had some interesting buildings they preserved.

Back on the road Friday morning, we passed through lots of small towns.

The Traveling Longdogs got promoted to the front seat as the two grandkids and Steve's dog Angus rode in the back seat.
Kids and dogs are adept at sleeping in vehicles. You can just see part of Angus in the lower right corner. He proved to be just as good a traveler as my dachsies are....they can snooze the day away. 

We saw some hilly areas.

And stopped to check out some interesting sites in small towns along the way. This jail caught our eye in Guthrie TX.

Small town, small office.

Small Texas towns have fabulous courthouses. They normally serve a much larger area than just the town so they are usually pretty impressive even if the town isn't.
Hey kids, I think we are getting closer to our destination. 

Stay tuned.....the best is yet to come.


  1. Thanks for the tip on the city park. I'm putting it on the list for when we head north in October.

  2. Loved the shot of the doxies.


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