The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Angus Works the Library

My son's dog Angus is an American Staffordshire Terrier. He is also a certified Therapy Dog and a member of the Love-A-Bull Pit Crew, the only all Pitty type dog therapy group in the country. Thursday, Steve, the grandkids, Angus, and I headed north to Austin so Angus could complete one of his Pit Crew assignments. A library in Austin was celebrating their 15th year in business and asked members of the Pit Crew to come and meet the kids. Angus loves kids and other dogs, cats, etc.

What is a Therapy Dog you might ask. Well, think of it this way. A Service Dog is trained to do certain things for one particular person. A Therapy Dog provides therapeutic interaction to many people (adults and children) to improve mood, build confidence, repair hearts, and educate the community about humane care for animals and kindness.

Big scary dogs, right???   The kids don't think so.


Angus loves kids and dogs and nothing makes him happier than being able to say hello to someone new.

Watch this little tiny girl work her way down to get to Angus.

Ah, success. A very cute meet and greet.

You can see "Rita", a brindle pitty in the background. She got lots of hugs and pats too.
Angus loves his job as a Therapy Dog and he is very good at it. He has had lots of training but he just plain has a good heart. You can see him dial down his energy level when he puts on his vest.  He crouches down or lays down when the kids are really little.  He's not much of a "kisser" preferring to save that for close family members but he likes a good snuggle. 

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