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The Longdogs
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Day at the Witte

The other day, a friend asked me to go to the San Antonio Public Library with her. She needed some art supplies she could get at the Library Store. I had never been so off we went. While you can find everything in this library that could find at other large public libraries, you won't find art as beautiful as this Dale Chihuly sculpture everywhere. This beautiful sculpture was carefully disassembled in 2009 and stored while the library redid the windows and atrium area. It was just recently dusted off and reassembled....quite a job.

These are all individual pieces that assemble into this gorgeous sculpture.

Sunday, the grandkids were in town and the weather was not very promising so we decided to pay a visit to the Witte Museum. There is free parking in a structure closeby so at least you don't have the hassle of trying to find a place to park.

Just be aware that a trip to the museum is not an inexpensive treat. Adults are $10 and children are considered adults at 12 years old. This doesn't sound too bad until you realize that the exhibits that receive all the publicity are an extra $10/person so it adds up quickly. Be sure to check for coupons or better yet, a groupon to reduce the cost for your family. Admission is free on Tuesday nights but there is still the extra charge for the most interesting exhibits. We did find the Southwest Exhibit quite interesting and it is part of the admission price. This exhibit greets you at the door and gives you a description of what life was like. It is an extremely realistic talking mannequin. As you can see, the weather was not lovely outside.

Tejano Freighters were the moving companies of the day in the 1700 and 1800's.

The other exhibits that were part of the entry prices were several rooms full of maps. Although they were interesting to us, the kids were quickly bored after looking at a number of them. We all thought this ceiling d├ęcor was rather unique to Texas and interesting.

Our next stop was the South Texas Heritage Center, one of the highlights of the visit. They have some really great displays that really make things come alive.

This donkey shows how things were carried from one place to another. They also had a hands-on display that allowed the kids to move weights around to learn how important it was to balance loads properly.

There were a number of lifelike displays of men and horses of the time.

The Indians of the area were well displayed as well.

This is a display of the chuck wagon kitchen that was used to fix meals on the trail.

There were two saddles on display.....hands-on so that everyone could see and feel the difference between a western saddle set-up and a Mexican saddle set-up.

The HEB Body Adventure was probably the biggest hit with the kids. They had a computer set-up so that each person could create their own "pass" for the Adventure. You then inserted the pass at each station so it could track what you did at the station and how it affected your body. This pulley set-up to lift your own weight was very popular.

There were numerous other exhibits on three floors so it took the kids time to try them all. Once you got done, you could get a read out of all that you had done so that was pretty fun.

Overall, I think they had a good time. We looked into the little houses outdoors but didn't dally there as it was raining. The one other area included in the admission price is the B. Naylor Morton Research and Collection Center BUT it is not open weekends. We didn't see the Maya Exhibit which is widely advertised and probably great......because it would have added an additional $10 to each persons admission....not real family friendly unfortunately.

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