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The Longdogs
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Christmas Cheer

I got a real nice surprise Christmas Eve day. Some of you will remember that I had two blowouts on my 5th wheel while on a trip out to Arizona in October. Bought both of the tires at the same place at the same time, they were only two years old, in perfect shape as I keep them covered when not in use, and the 5th wheel is definitely not overloaded. They were also higher rated than the original tires, were properly inflated and blew out within 150 miles of each other all of which combined made me feel pretty confident they were defective. Discount Tire in Albuquerque and Flagstaff (where I replaced the tires) filed claims for me with Goodyear. Goodyear was dawdling around with taking responsibility so I ended up filing with Progressive so I could get the RV repaired (about $8000 total for the two claims). I paid the deductible on each claim and Progressive went after Goodyear. Christmas Eve, I got two checks from Progressive returning my deductibles because Goodyear paid up. It made my day not only getting the money back and taking away the claims but because Goodyear had to accept responsibility.

We had a good Christmas with family this year. We had the big Christmas dinner with prime rib on Christmas Eve at our house. Christmas day was at our son and DIL's house. The grandkids were here for the holidays and called us at 8:30 AM Christmas morning to find out how soon we would be over. It works out better this way so the kids can have all their presents there and other toys to play with during the day. Helen made mini-quiche as well as a couple of regular size quiche for brunch along with sausages and croissants. Later on we had prime rib sandwiches so it was a relaxing day for everyone.

My son and I managed to keep my husband's new Grom motorcycle a secret for a whole month before Christmas because Steve stored it in his storage building for me. It is a small bike compared to his other motorcycles but he and Steve both wanted one. I put the title in a shirt box and he had to go out to the garage to find the bike.

Hoping all of you had good Christmas's too.

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