The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Historic Fort Sam Quadrangle Museum

When you walk into the Fort Sam Houston Museum in the Quadrangle, the size is very misleading. It is housed in the Quadrangle's east wing, occupying 11 of the 38 ground floor storerooms. It covers history of Fort Sam Houston from 1845 to the present.

 The history actually starts way back when Texas was part of Spain.
The Presidio of San Antonio under Mexico.

The Republic of Texas.

As you wind your way through the museum, there are dozens of displays with uniforms and firearms.from different eras.

Also maps with changes reflected. This one shows the line of forts across the state.

This is what the Alamo actually looked like way back then.

At one time there were camels in use.

The Civil War era is represented.

Next was information about the early border and frontier.

Geronimo and his band actually lived in the Quandrangle in tents.

Next up came the war with Spain.

The Army flies!


Pancho Villa

Horses were a big part of the Army and horses have to have training too.

The more modern Army.

The new post in 1929.

Women enter the picture.

Changes are always happening.
Be sure you plan some time for this museum because there really is a lot to see here.

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