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The Longdogs
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Dancing the Night Away

I made a spur of the moment decision on Saturday and I am so glad I did. My granddaughter's dance recital was Saturday night in Brownwood TX. My son and DIL were driving up there for the recital but they were picking up the kids from their mother on Sunday morning to head out on a summer vacation so they weren't coming back here to San Antonio. It has been a couple of years since I got to see Morgan dance and my grandson Cameron was playing his trumpet during intermission as well. So I made a motel reservation and headed out on the 4 hour drive to Brownwood about 1pm so I could arrive, check in to the motel, and drive a further 12 miles to the auditorium for the 6pm program. I decided to spend the night because there are a lot of deer with trees and brush close to the road at our end of the journey.

The theme of the program was "Take Me to the Movies". Morgan was in a number of the dances.

"Theme from Love Story" from Love Story.........Morgan is right under the "Take Me" in the sign,

 "The Greatest Show" from The Greatest Showman....Morgan is in the middle. I guess I caught them in a very serious moment.

"Singin' In The Rain" from movie of the same name.  Morgan is on the left.

 My picture of  "Footloose" didn't turn out and it may have been my favorite one. Darn. My pictures aren't great but I took them with my phone and no flash so not so bad considering. Helen was using a fancier camera but the photos are on the way north in the camera with her.

During the intermission, the "Little Brass Band" played several songs. They were very good. Morgan is on the far left. The six girls just finished 6th grade and Morgan has been playing for less than a year. Cameron is the second from the right. The two boys just finished 8th grade. I think Cameron's participation was definitely not his idea but he put together the music and got his friend to play also. I may be a little prejudiced but they were really good.

We got a couple of pictures right after the son Steve and me with Cameron and Morgan. Gee, I thought I had a few more months before he was taller than me but I see I was mistaken. By the end of the summer, Morgan will be taller than me too. I'm 5'8" or at least I was. Since Steve is 6'4" and their mother is 5'10", heighth is to be expected.

Steve and my DIL, Helen, with the kids. Morgan got a unicorn this year instead of roses since they were leaving early the next morning on their summer trip together. I'm glad they are getting to go on this trip with Steve and Helen but I sure am going to miss them as they will be gone a long time.

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