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The Longdogs
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My friend Mary Jane has a nice little Phoenix Cruiser that she full times in. She has a cover for the front windshield that provides privacy and keeps the sun out while she is parked. All of a sudden, she was having a big problem with mold and mildew forming on the inside of the cover. Another friend had given her a neat cover that actually had screens for the side and front windows as well as a solid cover. She used it for a while but the Velcro holding the solid cover over the screens just didn't hold it together properly. So this week we finally got around to fixing it. Mary Jane brought it over to my house as her sewing machine didn't work when she pulled it out. We figured out the spacing for additional Velcro.

I got a chance to give my new machine a try and it worked very well. With both of us holding the cover, we managed to shift it around enough to sew new Velcro strips in place.

Back at the RV.....   We gave the windshield and side windows a very thorough scrubbing to ensure that there were no mold spores left to start growing on the new cover. Then we installed the cover.

 Yesterday, Mary Jane scrubbed the old cover very thoroughly to try to get rid of the mold. It looks pretty good now so she will put it away and check it again in a week or so. If any mold has grown back, the cover is destined for the trash. It's always nice to get a project completed.


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