The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

On the Road Again!

After my last trip in January, I winterized the RV because you just never know about the weather. Of course, we didn't have a single freeze until the day I picked up the RV to prepare for my next trip. We got what the weather people called gravel hail. It actually looked like "dip & dots ice cream" and didn't last for even an hour after it fell because it was too warm to freeze.

I left home on Friday morning heading east. The first night, Mary Jane and I stayed at Gulf Coast RV in Beaumont Tx. It is a Passport America so the price is right and they even have breakfast with texas waffles. The next day we headed further east to Butte LaRose to meet up with another friend. We were going to park in her year but they had gotten a lot of rain and there was an 80% chance of more rain that night. So we boondocked at the Atchafalaya Welcome Center. It is a great Rest Area because they have separate parking for cars, RVs, and trucks so you don't get lost among the trucks. They also have a nice film and lots of displays as well as great free coffee. Definitely a great place to stop.

We had to make another trip to Borden's for lunch.

For dinner we had eggplant parmesana after olives, cheese, tomatoes, and crackers.

Martha joined Mary Jane, Carolyn, and Mary Jane when we left Butte LaRose Sunday morning.

We had an easy trip through Baton Rouge because it was Sunday morning and we were off down the road east.

Sunday night we spent at Wilderness RV Park in Robertsdale Al. Guess what else we found in Robertsdale?  The only Buc-ees outside of Texas. They were doing a booming business. Prices were a little higher than in Texas.

 We stopped at another rest area in Florida......they have one about every 40 miles along I-10 which is certainly different than Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi.
Tonight we are at Advent Christian Village near Live Oak FL We have a couple of friends who retired here. They have a small RV park for visitors.  I guess I should have mentioned that all of us including our friends here are going to the RVillage Rally on Wednesday.

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