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The Longdogs
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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day means different things to different people.  Of course, we all know that it is pretty much the beginning of summer vacation since kids will be out of school soon.  I hope everyone took some time to remember our military who have given and continue to give so much for our country and each one of us.  We should also remember their families because those families also give much to support the military member.

This is not a new song but I remember it well as it would be part of the music played at Memorial Day celebrations on whatever military base we were stationed at.  It really pulls at the heartstrings even if you aren't a country music fan and whatever your opinion of Lee Greenwood's music is, everyone remembers this song.

We had a quiet weekend here.  DH had to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Saturday, I spent the day with long-time military friends--always nice to do.  We have been friends since our kids were very young.  

I spent Sunday with Margareta, an RVing friend that I met through our Pink FlaminGoes RV group.  At our last get together, we were talking about our "business" cards or maybe we should call them "calling" cards although that sounds a little old fashioned.  Margareta wanted a new one with a picture of her new dog, cat, and RV.  Since I design and print my own, I told her it was very easy to do.  And this was the day that we finally got together to do it.  

Margareta is not a full timer as she has a nice, small, older house that she is always updating.  But she travels A LOT so her Winnebago View is her only vehicle.  If she has to go some place, she drives it. Saturday she drove it to meet friends for a luncheon in New Braunfels.  Fuel might cost a little more but she doesn't have payments, insurance, or upkeep costs for an extra vehicle.  And Luschi, her retired working K-9 as well as her cat travel with her whenever she goes on a trip.  The three of them will be heading to Alaska in a few weeks.

After a tour of her home, we got to work on her new card.  I use Microsoft Publisher to make my current cards but I used to use the labels part of Microsoft Word.  Since she had that on her computer, we decided to use that so that she can print new cards or update the info whenever she wanted to do so.  We had a great picture of the three travelers and the RV to put on the card along with the information.  It came out looking very good and she printed about 50 cards so she would know how to do it.

I also got her set up with Google Reader as she wanted to be able to follow blogs from a number of women who are already on the road to Alaska and I think that Reader is the easiest way to do that.

Her neighbor and good friend arrived home from a trip to Corpus Christi so Margareta treated the two of us to some wonderful German cake from a new restaurant in New Braunfels called The Spoon and Fork.  There were about 4 different kinds of torte, all delicious!  She also sent some home for my DH which he promptly ate last night.

Today was a quiet day at home for us although we did join our neighbors for some great grilled food. We are fortunate to have some great neighbors--they are also a retired Air Force family only their retirement from the Air Force was just the beginning of their next careers since they are young with two kids in college (one will just be starting), and a third in high school. 

It's good for us all to remember on this Memorial Day. 


  1. I am so glad that Margareta will have her new calling cards while on the trip to Alaska. Will she blog, do you know? Probably won't have time. She really meets a lot of people.

    Glad you had a good time with the friends. We need more updates.

  2. Hey Margareta---are your reading this? You are getting challenged to blog. We want to hear about your trip too and you have the perfect pic for your header!

  3. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing weekend. Made me feel good just to read your post. I had no idea you were so talented on the computer.

    1. Ah, Contessa. It takes very little talent to make the cards.

  4. What a nice weekend you had... love the dogs... I only have one rescued from a bad home... have had him for 9 years now... maybe you would take a picture of your card and share it? please...


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