The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Water Park of Another Kind - Hinman Island

A beautiful, tree-shaded place to enjoy the Comal River!

Perfect for scuba, snorkeling, swimming, toobing, and fishing!  Can you believe there is another perfect park in New Braunfels?  You might want to make a visit to Hinman Island Park which is located on Hinman Island Drive, between Landa Park and Prince Solms Park.  Facilities include a playground, restrooms, picnic tables and easy river access from the park.  Oh, yes! Beautiful water.  

Oh, yes--you could tell from the picture above that these furkids were not going to be left out of the fun but they were very well behaved.  They had as much fun as the kids and adults.

On one side of the river you can see all the business places.  There are numerous places to rent toobs, lots of condos and overnight rentals right on the river.  There is also an RV and camping park.  So will see lots of signs saying private property over there and you are not supposed to get out on that side.  But, it really isn't a problem because Hinman Park has three or four entry points with stairs into the water spread out along the length of the river.

You can walk along the sidewalk and get in the water down at one end and then float along slowly until you get down to the final stair area.  The area is really pretty with lots of trees and grass along the side.

See the toobers down at the end of the park area?

This little area also leads into the Comal but is very natural and woodsy.

If you are really brave, you can shoot down through this tube and head further down the river but you don't have too.  It is well marked and you can easily get out before you get there.

There are rules for being on the river--no glass, coolers not over a certain size, music not obnoxious to others, etc.  But this is a family place where everyone has fun--you and your kids and grandchildren can all enjoy the water along the Comal.

Hmmm--Prince of Solms Park?  I don't think I've been there yet.  Stay cool!


  1. So how come no pictures of your furbabies in the water? Ours wouldn't be caught dead in water. No way, no how. You have certainly found some beautiful parks.

  2. Alas, the longdogs were all at home. I think Harley might like it. One of our earlier dachsies was a real water baby. You had to watch her and make sure she had a leash on because she would always head out for the middle of the lake.

  3. Thanks for bringing back some old memories. Haven't been to New Braunfel's in many years but remember tubing that river with the kids. Sally would love to play in all that water.

  4. Our friend Pete and his furkidOscar live right near New Braunfel's! Everytime we visit, we visit Pete and haven't been too touristy. Seem's he is keeping all the wonderful secrets about NB to himself! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Our doxies don't do water other than the shallow stuff along the beach in Mexico. I have always wanted to drift down a river on a tube, this looks like a great place. It is really that warm there, we are still wearing jackets!!!??


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