The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Retama Park, San Antonio, TX

 Saturday night, we decided to experience something new.  None of us had ever been to watch the horses run at Retama Park.  As an added incentive, parking was $5 but admission was free, and hot dogs and sodas were $.50 plus they had face painting for the kids and a clown.  How can you pass on some inexpensive entertainment?  We didn't plan on doing any betting so it was just for fun.

First we watched the horses come out and warm up.  The first race was for pretty young horses.  They get led out by more experienced horses and walked up and down the track.

Cameron and Morgan got to run around in the open area right next to the track so they could see the horses up close.

And then they were off.  After we watched the first race, we went up in the grandstand so we could see the other side of the track as well.

And they are off!  We watched three races and that was about enough.  There is some down time between each race and it was getting cooler.  We also wanted to check out the face painting.

There were about 30 designs the kids could choose from.  The line wasn't too long and the kids were excited.  You would never know that in this picture.  They knew they needed to sit still and they took that seriously.

Even Morgan sat very still.

This woman was really good.  You can see the dragon beginning to take shape.

Morgan wanted a unicorn.

This is definitely a fire-breathing dragon.

The unicorn turned out pretty well too.

Cute huh?

The kids were pretty excited about their "tattoos".  Too bad they had to get washed off in the shower a couple of hours later.


  1. Those are some gorgeous looking tattoos.

  2. Those are some awesome face paintings. That lady sure had talent. I did some face painting once and was no where near "that" good!


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