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Visit with Blogger Susan

On Sunday, I drove out to Fentress TX to visit my friend Susan.  She is a fellow blogger and full-time RVer who is currently working at the Leisure RV Resort.  Susan and Angel, her sweet little white dog, have a large 5th to call home.  I headed out across country following the directions from Hillary the GPS.  It was definitely a cross country back roads trip from New Braunfels on.  It was a pretty gray day with rain in the distance but I didn't actually run into any.

Susan fixed us a fantastic salad for lunch and then took me on a tour of the resort.  It's located on the San Marcos river.  During the warmer months, you would see toobers floating along here.

This lower area is for primitive camping. but there were no tents the weekend I was there.

In addition to full hook-ups for RVs, the resort has cabins to offer.  They are on wheels so, on the rare occasion that the river floods, the hookups can be disconnected and the cabins pulled to a higher location.  These cabins have a separate bedroom.

These cabins are all in one room.

You can also spend the night in a "treehouse" if you want to try something different.

The park has a pool but Susan and I have both seen hot tubs bigger than this although the area around it is nice.  I guess the river gets more use.

There is a nice playground for the kids.  And, although I forgot to take a picture, there is also a large enclosed area for dogs.

We sat outside after our walk and had a really nice visit.  Susan went in to get something and Angel is keeping a close eye on her.

Thanks for a really nice visit Susan.  I enjoyed seeing your park and having a great visit with you and Angel.

Post Script:  I forgot my camera up at Susan's on Sunday.  She had to make a trip to New Braunfels this week so we met at the Fork and Spoon for lunch.  The Tortilla soup and the Tomato Bisque soup was great.  Susan brought my camera and also brought me a cute little box of cake pops and cookies that she made.  Thanks again Susan.


  1. That Angel - she sure doesn't let Mom get too far away from her. We really enjoyed meeting Susan when she was in our area.

  2. Sounds like a really good visit.

    We'll be back in San Antone Monday night. I'd love to see you all again.


  3. That looks like a really pretty park. I will have to check it out someday when I am back that way. It's always great to spend time with friends

  4. What a neat park. I like the roll away cabins. Susan got herself a gig in a neat place!

  5. You forgot your camera!!!!! Anyway it looks like a lovely place, cute cabins.

  6. Merry Christmas to you all from Mazatlan.

  7. Thanks for the shout out. Angel and I enjoyed having you visit. This a nice park, although the RV sites are a bit close when it's full. Most of the time when filling up they space RVs every other one while they can. That's the way it will be this weekend, as they are having a Chili Cook Off on Saturday. I also enjoyed lunch and Christmas dinner at your house. You have a delightful family. Happy New Year!


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