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Another Green Day, St Patricks Day on the Riverwalk

Ah, St Patrick's Day.  We had our corned beef and cabbage yesterday as the grandkids have to go home Sunday afternoon.  We headed off to La Villita on the Riverwalk for the festive events.

There were some booths with items for sale and booths with give-away items.

There was a band playing in the little amphitheater.  Can you see the river?

Yes, it is definitely green.  They dye it with some environmentally safe powder.  You can also see theat everyone was decked out in green.  Helen's eyebrows are green too.

It was a lovely day.  We were a bit disappointed in the festival at La Villita after the big one they had last year.  It was extremely downsized but I think the big one was at the Market Square this year.

We still had a great time walking around looking at everyone in their greenery.

The trees are all beginning to bud out.

There were lots of people out enjoying the day with us.

There was a parade at 3:00PM, alas, we had to head home so Steve and Helen could make the trek back to Marble Falls with Cameron and Morgan to meet up with their Mom.

It's fun to celebrate holidays that don't require much preparation....although finding green hairspray was a challenge this year.

The house is quiet without the grandkids this evening and will be even more quiet when Steve and Helen head back to Florida very, very early in the morning.


  1. What fun to celebrate St Patrick,s Day on the River Walk.

  2. The River Walk looks like a lovely place to celebrate any color day. :)

  3. Love the Green Family.. heh heh! Sure looks different in the daylight... and with green water!

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. I really want to see the River Walk when it's not snowing and cold. I would like the smaller crowd to party with.

    1. Jim and Sandie, I think it would be darn near impossible to see the Riverwalk when it IS snowing and cold. It would an awfully unique happening. Come any day during the week and it isn't all that crowded. And let me know when you are coming.

  5. Great post. Glad that you could celebrate the holiday with the family.

  6. Green eyebrows, hair and beard what fun! Everyone looks like they were having alot of fun.

  7. What a fun day. Next year we'll have to check out the green river. Shouldn't that be in Gruene??

  8. Love all that green. Looked like the weather was just perfect for your outing.


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