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The Longdogs
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Spring Can Be Taxing

Today was a beautiful spring day....temperature about 76 degrees....lots of sun....a little breeze.

Now we've had begonias all winter long although we do have to cover them a night here and there if we get a frost.

My redbud tree has been blooming for almost a week.  It's so beautiful.  I think of my mother when it blooms because it was her favorite tree.

The blossoms are fleeting.  They don't last for a real long time but they are just gorgeous when they pop into bloom.

This bush will get leaves and then beautiful Rose of Sharon blooms on it in a couple of weeks.

The hackberry tree is leafing out.  It isn't a great tree as trees go; however, it does provide shade.

Little flowers even pop up in the grass.

The neighbors have a couple of pretty potted plants in bloom.

And what was I doing while all this spring blooming and glorious weather was happening right outside the window??????

I was working on our taxes.  Yes, taxes.  Things were going along swimmingly with Turbo Tax input until I had to calculate the basis for some stock shares we sold this year.  Lest you think we are talking big bucks here, we're really talking about two shares.  Numerous calculations led to a splitting headache but I think I eventually figured it out.

Now tomorrow is going to be 85 degrees so I'm pretty sure the taxes are going to have to wait.


  1. Love to see the spring flowers. I too am just beginning to "think about" getting things ready for taxes. I do all the prep and Craig and I do the Turbo Tax together. Dreaded days!

  2. Now 'my' Mom loved the Rose of Sharon bush. We had one with yellow blooms
    in our yard when I was little. And we had many Redbuds, they are just
    gorgeous when they bloom and I like their leaves they remind me of hearts.

  3. So heartening to see spring blooms. Sure hope that's what I can expect when I return to AZ.

  4. Your Spring appears to be ahead of ours, though we too still have begonia's blooming. This will be the third year we have enjoyed the same plants in their whiskey barrel planters. I had the same problem with selling four shares of Verizon stock I received years ago as part of the old AT&T divestiture. Had no way to figure my loss or gain. Just finally showed the entire selling price as income. Figured I would rather pay the tax than deal with the headache's of trying to work it out.
    70's here today.

  5. Love all those signs of spring. I have the same begonia here in Mazatlan. I had to pull out my Rose of Sharon twice due to bugs so I have give up on it but love to see it in another's garden.

  6. My favorite season is Spring. The flowers are beautiful.
    I have finally caught up on your blog.
    Belated Birthday greetings. So that is Busseys flea market you have told me about.


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