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The Longdogs
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Lost Days

Wow, I see that I haven't posted in weeks.  It is too easy to get out of the habit.  It is not that nothing is happening but most of it is just routine.  Son and DIL are settled into their new home here.  It is wonderful to have them nearby after so many years of being across country or continent or world....military families you know.  Grandkids went back to their Mom after summer 6 weeks but have been back for a weekend already.  Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekend now which will be wonderful.  They are so happy to see their Dad and Helen more than once a month and then we also get to see them more often.

Steve just finished a big car project.  He lowered his Volkswagen TDI Sportswagen a few years ago in Florida and loved it but now that he is driving his truck and Helen will be driving the Sportswagen most of the time, he wanted to raise it back up so she wouldn't have to worry about speed bumps and entries into car parks etc., so he started the job at 0830 the other morning in our driveway as we have shade and his driveway is rather steep.

Back to the original springs.....the shocks are new.

Sun moved so the car moved partway into the garage.  By this time it was mid-afternoon.  DH supervising in the background.  I bet your garage doesn't have two chairs and a small table inside.  lol

 By now it is getting in dark...this is a really big job.  It was a big job to do the original conversion but more fun since he was excited about doing it.

But he is not one to quit and so he persevered and got the job done.

Sunday we all loaded up and went to the flea market for a little entertainment as well as a test drive under load.  ha.  All went well.

Today he spent all afternoon at the Volkswagen dealer waiting for them to do an alignment.  Then off to the tire dealer for new tires. worked great going to the dealer......after the alignment, it pulled strongly to the right.  Hold on the tires.

Call from Steve to his Dad tonight.  He did some more checking after he got home.  It seems there is a problem with the springs.   He'll be over first thing in the morning (much earlier than our first thing) to redo part of the job.  He is nothing but persistent.

On a more exciting note, I am getting the RV and heading out this week.  Okay, it's just a long weekend but I am having withdrawal symptoms and so are the Traveling Longdogs.  The kids and grandkids will join us partway through.  DH will be working and wouldn't want to come along anyway.  Let the fun begin (later in the week).


  1. My kid just lowered his car but since it's his project car and not driven all the time - that's okay, I guess. I don't get it but his Dad does. Definitely a project. Good luck with getting it finished. Happy to hear you and the pups are going to be taking a trip. Have fun.

  2. How great is that that the grans will be there every 2nd weekend, perfect for you all. I was wondering when the travel bug was going to hit again. Always nice to travel along with you online.

    1. The travel bug never leaves; it just has to compete with other forces at home.

    2. The travel bug never leaves; it just has to compete with other forces at home.

  3. Someone is always trying to squash my travel bug. My grandson was with his dad for 6 weeks and spent 2 days with us each week. He is not into camping at all so we did other things.

    Pat and I are going to the lake this weekend if the weather cooperates. Can't wait to see you in November.

  4. I certainly can relate to getting out of the habit. Stuck here having to rely on someone else for transportation isn't fun and is definitely boring. My last doctor appointment is October 8th and I will be heading to AZ on th 18th. I still have to do more purging from the outside compartments, but it has been too hot and I still need som help lifting and maneuvering things around. I sure hope that it cools down on the weekends.
    It sure will be nice for you to have the kids over more often. Have fun!!

  5. How wonderful to have family living close by. That is one persistent son you have. Have a fun RVing weekend.


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