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Soccer Trip to Brownwood TX

It wasn't a "weekend with Dad" but the stars aligned and things lined up so that both kids would be playing soccer within two hours of each other so......    Steve, Helen, and I hopped in the car very early and were on the road to Brownwood at 6:45AM Saturday.  The only stop we made was for Starbucks in Marble Falls.  We needed to be in Brownwood and find the soccer fields for Morgan's 11:00 AM game.

Neither the kids nor their mother knew we were coming.  Morgan arrived just in time for her game.  I guess this is the group huddle.  Morgan is on the far right.  Her team is the Katz.

Morgan didn't start the game.  I think they weren't paying enough attention for their coach but he was patient.  It wasn't really Morgan's idea to play soccer.

Once she got in the game, she looked like she knew what she was supposed to do.

Her fancy french braid worked great at keeping her hair out of her eyes and she did pretty good during the game.  Her team won!

Cameron was "chilling" with his friends while Morgan's game was going on.

Now, he really does know what he is doing.  You could tell his team is two years older than Morgan's just by how they played.

Here he is kicking the ball back into play.

I should mention that it was about 100 degrees out there.  The kids were all tired by the time their games were over.

Cameron's team won too.

We really didn't get to spend any time with the kids but we gave them hugs and they knew we were there watching them so the hours in the car were definitely worth while.


  1. Just being there is the most important.

  2. So reminiscent of our time in "home" territory, the SF Bay area. The title of your blog reminds me of a great little book I read, The Narrow Dog to Carcassonne; a true, funny story about an English couple that cruised the canals of France with Jim, the Whippet.

  3. I bet the kids were happy to see you all.


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