The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

An RV Escape

We talked about heading out in the RV but it didn't get any further than that on Thursday because the weather was looking kind of iffy with rain a good possibility over the weeken.  Friday morning we were still in the thinking mode but, once we decided, it was "pick up the RV from the storage lot, turn on the fridge, throw in clothes and food (everything in the freezer because it will get cold faster), and then we were off".  Okay, we didn't go far.....just off to Canyon Lake again.  DS came along since DIL was off to a triathlon in Augusta and DH was working (of course he rarely comes along anyway).

We're ready, let's go......

Well, hi, welcome back.

Interesting sunscreen we noticed on the way into the park.

We got in a number of walks.  The Traveling Longdogs are big on walks.

Steve was off doing some heavy duty bike riding on Saturday morning so I made a quick trip to a farmer's market that just opened this weekend.

While they had some interesting booths, they will have to drum up a whole lot more or visitors will be few and far between.  There was only one booth with some vegetables, a couple of craft booths, and one with some canned goods, and another with meat in a freezer.....definitely not enough for a big draw.  I hope they have success.

We made a trip into Satterly to the ACE Hardware.....if you are ever in the area.....stop by because they have a great RV section with lots of items.  We also stopped at the Canyon Lake Dam.  There is a nice little park and a walk across the dam.

Great views even though the lake is down.

The rain came through with a vengence on Saturday night.  The lightning beat any fireworks display and the thunder was deafening.  The Traveling Longdogs slept right through it all.....need that beauty rest you know.  Steve also slept through it because he had earplugs.  The thunder was loud enough to wake me from a dead sleep.  I heard later than the lightning hit the ground several places.  One guy was out with his dog doing you know what at 2AM and it struck very close to him.  The dachsies and I have a potty breaks between 10:30PM and for us.

Sunday, Steve and I headed over to Wimberly for a stroll around town and lunch.

Lunch was great at the Wimberly Cafe and the Pumpkin Lattes from Sip! were good too.

I guess that the town square in Wimberly has always been busy.  There were lots of people out and about.

Steve headed back to San Antonio on Sunday afternoon but the dachsies and I will continue to enjoy our RV fun for the rest of the week.


  1. Looks like a nice place to stay. That windscreen photo is a kick.

  2. I can't believe your pups slept through the storm. Not ours. And how in the world do you keep control of three of them on a walk. I can't handle two. They're always going in opposite directions or tangling themselves in the leashes. Have a great relaxing time.

    1. It can get interesting especially when you are on a potty walk and they all want to go in different directions. As long as I don't let them get twisted around my legs, I'm okay.

  3. Near or far, it's always good to escape!

  4. Those dogs are so cute... happy campers indeed! Nice looking park. Is it near San Antonio? Lynda

    1. The park is on Canyon Lake which is north of San Antonio. It's a private membership park but they do allow Passport America or Escapees to camp. They don't take reservations so it's first come, first served.


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