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Bluebonnet Relay, Basketball, Soccer.....Brownwood TX

Friday Steve and I headed up to Brownwood Tx. He has the kids for Spring Break week and had to pick them up in Brownwood.  All of a sudden, races, basketball, and soccer games all reared their heads and, great Dad that he is, Steve agreed to spend the night there so the kids could play with their Dad watching..  The kids couldn't have cared less as they just want to spend time with their Dad.....but other forces were at work here. Helen had to work so Grandma was elected to provide support....not that I minded of course. So we headed north before 0800, stopped in Marble Falls (our normal halfway meeting point) for coffee and arrived in Brownwood at 1130 AM.

The GPS sure is handy once we hit town so between the name of the event place, Google, and the GPS, we can rest assured we will end up in the right place.

Morgan was first up for the Bluebonnet Races (1st girl on the left in pink). Now Morgan is not into running or athletic competition.....but her mother is a middle school coach so she gets entered anyway.

She made it all the way around the track and she wasn't last and that was all she cared about. Go Morgan!

Now Cameron is another story. He likes to run and he is very competitive.  His Dad used to run a lot (fast and long) and was quite good but Afghanistan did a number on his knees so he had to cut back the running quite a bit. Anyway, Cameron is a mini-Steve (red #3 shirt).

He was trying to pace himself here as he was going to be playing in a basketball tournament right after the races.

After the races, we checked into a motel to be sure we got a room and then we headed 12 miles out of Brownwood to the town of Zephyr for the basketball game. There were two gyms there so fortunately we were early and someone was nice enough to send us on to the "other" gym that didn't have a name on it.

The boys played hard and they won so that added another basketball game to Saturday morning's agenda.

By the time we got back to Brownwood, it was headed towards 7:00PM and everyone was hungry.  So we headed to Underwoods.

Underwood's BBQ is a well known family cafeteria style restaurant. The meal price is based on the meat and the sides, drink, and cobbler come with it. Let's just say we were all very full when we left.

The next morning we had to be at the soccer field at 0745 AM and it was freezing!  I mean bone chilling cold. Hard to believe they have the kids playing when it is 44 degrees, damp, and the wind blowing. Morgan and I stayed in Steve's truck while Cameron played. Steve came back to the car and pulled a couple of extra jackets out to put around the boys sitting on the bench as they were shivering in their light soccer clothes.

Cameron's mom hustled him off to the basketball game right after his soccer game was over. It was back out in Zephyr. Steve and I stayed with Morgan for another bone chilling hour. It never warmed up one single degree. A couple cups of hot coffee helped a little. Morgan's team has improved from the fall session. They all watch the game and seem to understand things a lot better. I'm glad she has the coach she has and we took the time to let him know what a great job we thought he was doing. He was very encouraging when he was giving the girls direction and he has lots of patience. Interestingly, they played the same team as the last time we saw them play. We could tell because they had the same coach as they had last season and he screamed at them the entire game.

Once Morgan's game was over, we headed out to Zephyr.  Another team was still playing so Cameron's game had not even started by 10:30 although we were told it was supposed to start at 1000 and we would be out of there at 1100.

Luckily for Morgan, I had downloaded a kid's book onto my Kindle and brought it along Saturday morning so Morgan had something to do. Cameron's team played really well but so did the other team and they won the game by a few points.

We gathered things up and waited for the boys to have their final huddles, etc., so we could head on back to San Antonio.   Hmmm....all of a sudden we are told that because Cam's team lost, there would be another game in the afternoon against another team that lost.  What?????? The kids were hungry and tired and we still had a four hour drive home. Steve asked Cameron what he wanted to do....Cameron told his Dad he was tired and hungry and he didn't want to play another game. Coach Mom was not real happy with him or us but didn't make a scene that she couldn't win since the kids were in Steve's custody since noon on Friday.

We headed towards San Antonio and both kids were asleep in minutes.


  1. It seems like kids hardly have time to be kids anymore with all the planned activities. Guess I'm just getting old....

    1. I am so with you on this one Judy. I think some parents actually put their kids into one sport after another just for their own social life. Kids need time to just play without having every minute organized. Then the parent wonders why they can't ever entertain themselves.

  2. Good call on Cameron's part, that seems like way too much to cram in in a few days.


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