The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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On the Road.....Home....Again

The weather for Memorial Day was predicted to deteriorate later in the day with rain developing and continuing through the night. Since I planned to leave for home in the morning, I decided to pack up most of the outside items earlier in the afternoon so that I wouldn't have to pack away anything that was wet in the morning. I swept off the patio mat and got that rolled up and stowed along with the dog pen and the folding chairs. That turned out to be a very good idea. Although the rain held off until bedtime, it rained quite a bit during the night. I even debated hitching up the night before but that would have put me a little more off level than would be good for my slides. It wasn't raining when I got up so hitching up went smoothly as did the dump station duties. I said my goodbyes to Deb and Dawn and headed out. I didn't make it out of the park before it started raining again. When I left, my plans for the day were written in jello. If the weather didn't cooperate, I had my house with me and could pull over and stop any time.

I headed down I-35 towards Dallas/Ft Worth. Not too far down the road, I went past the Windstar Casino, the largest casino in Oklahoma.

This place looks huge. In addition to the casino, there is a huge hotel, an event center, a spa, a golf course, boutique shopping, and even an RV resort.

The rain was light and sporatic so no real problems with traveling. Since I planned to skirt around Ft Worth on the west side and head back towards 281, I figured the bad weather would be to our east.

At Gainesville, I cut off west on FM51. Although the road is a little hilly and sometimes curvy, it's a great road and certainly no more hilly than the Texas Hill Country that I am used to traveling. I had heard that I-35 through and beyond Ft Worth was all torn up with construction and delays and that was confirmed by my RV neighbors at the park. They said there were lots of delays on that route so even though it was more miles cutting west to 281, I figured it would be worth it.

I hit a few patches of light fog but that was really the worst of the weather on my route.

We stopped for a couple of potty breaks morning and afternoon and had lunch at a Rest Area. All in all, it was a good road trip home although I hate to have any trip end. Even though I didn't get home until 5:30PM, I even managed to get the RV into our cul-de-sac and backed into the driveway. Unloading definitely waited until this morning.

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