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The Longdogs
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RVing with Grandma

This has been a busy week. Dave and Steve left Tuesday morning for the Motorcycle Rally in Ruidosa, New Mexico. The original plan was, of course, to ride the motorcycles but Dave had some unexpected surgery a week and a half ago that would have made riding a motorcycle for two days not quite so pleasant. On top of that, we finally had rain, torrential rain on Monday and Tuesday so they took the car this time. DIL Helen had to work Tuesday and Wednesday so I went over both days and let Angus, their furkid, out to potty and a little cuddle time out of the crate.

Thurday Helen headed to The Woodlands north of Houston for the Ironman Texas Triathlon. She is our family super-athlete. She had to pick up her packet Thursday afternoon and take her bike in on Friday, the Ironman is today. So......I was over several times to visit with Angus on Thursday. We even went for a walk and he was a very good boy. He's strong enough to drag me all over the place but he listens very well and doesn't take advantage of me. I also got the RV loaded up in between trips. Friday morning, I took Angus to Pawderosa Doggie Ranch.

Then I hauled the RV out to Lake Pointe RV Resort on Canyon Lake and got it all set up with enough time left over to relax for a bit.

Before the relaxing and after the set-up, I had to deal with a minor repair. Not sure how three screws all came out when not another thing in the RV moved.

About 4PM, I was back in the truck on my way to Marble Falls to pick up the grandkids for the weekend. Good thing I found a tiny patch of shade to park next to and that I brought the dachsies and their dinner with me because my XDIL was nearly an hour late. She did text my son that she was running "a little late" but to me that would mean maybe 10-15 minutes. Oh, well. The grandkids were a little surprised that their Dad wasn't there but I hustled them into the truck and we headed out. With a little trepidation, I explained that this was going to be a "Grandma Weekend". Of course, they miss seeing their Dad but they were okay with a "Grandma Weekend" too. Yay, no problems or tears. And, when they found out we were camping at Lake Pointe, they were even happier.

We didn't get back to the RV until after 9PM but we got all settled in and had fun. This morning we were up around 0800 and had a big camping breakfast. Then we set out for a long nature walk. It was really nice and cool this morning so we took good advantage of that.

Then they got in some basketball when we got back. The dachsies were napping but I sat out in the shade watching them. By then it was lunch, hot dogs and chips.

They each put together several puzzles after lunch.

When the park rang the bell to let everyone know it was ice cream time, they were more than ready. You can't beat a big cup of ice cream for a dollar. They had about 8 different kinds to choose from and that included rainbow sherbet (Cameron doesn't drink regular milk or eat ice cream - allergies) so everyone was happy.

We checked out the water in the junior olympic size pool and decided to brave it. It was cool but bearable.

Just finished Italian pot roast, mashed potatoes, and salad for dinner. Then we'll feed the deer and finally, once everyone is in PJs, a movie is on the agenda. Oh, and we will probably check the doggycam one more time to see how Angus is doing.

Another great day at the lake.


  1. I look forward to having my grandkids old enough to show them some life in an RV. But first I can't wait to get back on the road.

  2. Strange how that light came down, maybe from the vibration of previous trips. Our girls don't like just sitting in a car waiting, driving is good or being out doing something. Good thing you brought their food. Sounds like you all had an active enough day. Very cool that you can check a doggycam.

  3. From what I can see the light looks like it's on the slideout ceiling. My guess is it came loose because of the slide moving in and out. I know they can rock quite a bit.

    Looks like the grandkids are enjoying their weekend with Grandma.

  4. Looks like a great weekend of Grandma Time!

    IT's a shame they don't make the light fixture with an electrical box behind it??? That would never pass code in any home construction. It's a shame they get away with it in RV's

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. How delightful you got some 'Grandkid' time.


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