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Marysville Updates

I have a minor problem in my RV which will soon be fixed. I found out that it should be a very easy fix once I read the brochure from my Wineguard Antenna. The problem is a small leak....naturally I was worried because water occasionally dripped from the ceiling in certain kinds of heavy rain. My son checked it out before I left and put some caulk on the only tiny little spot he could see by the antenna. Now understand that this has only happened a couple of times, just a few drops, didn't seem to happen when the antenna was up, etc.  Well, I found that the drops were coming from the handle of the antenna, hmmm and I couldn't find any water spots or any kind of damage anywhere. Now I know you can always see it but you have to start somewhere right. So I looked at the brochure and there it was.....matched my symptoms exactly. There is a rubber ring inside the worm gear shaft coming through the roof...hmmm...should be lubricating it a couple of times a year. We did lubricate the antenna itself...when it got hard to turn the handle but didn't know we should have taken a cap off and shot some stuff down it too. The brochure describes the problem and how to fix it and even gives pictures and part numbers for each part of the antenna. It doesn't appear that you can buy the replacement o-ring or rubber washer type piece as it is part of the worm gear shaft but that isn't terribly expensive. I stopped at Pete's Camping Service on Lapeer in Kimball MI which is just down the road from my SIL's. They had the exact part I needed at a price just a tiny bit higher than the price in my 4 year old brochure! They have a nice camping store with a good selection of RV parts and accessories. I didn't ask about service since it was right before Labor Day weekend but I definitely recommend the store....great customer service too with 40 years experience to back it up. Give them a visit if you are in the area.

The other night, we went to another family dining restaurant, the Pelican Cafe.....delicious, homestyle food, and very reasonable prices in Marysville MI.

Drove along the river on the way home. It's one of the big ocean ships....tied up at a dock across the river in Canada.

This is not a great picture but I wanted you to see this "lake house" across the river. How many stories is that??? and it comes with a boat garage.

Looks like a refinery across the can see the flames.

These folks were having a really great time on this sightseeing boat.....I expect beverages were involved from all the cheering and waving going on as they passed us.

We went past the Marysville Historical Museum but it was closed for the evening. I will definitely have to visit here on another trip. My SIL told me that her kids came here on a school field trip years ago. While paging through a history book, they came across their grandfather's name (my Dad) listed as one of the first pilots on the Great Lakes. They were able to point it out to their own kids when they chaperoned their trip to the museum so it was a highlight for the whole class.

Right next store is the Marysville Boat and Log Sled Museum.

And finally, the Detroit Edison locomotive. Kids will love this as they can climb in and check it out for themselves. The park here even as a splash pad for the kids and it's right across the road from great views of the river in Marysville MI.

If you are visiting in the Bluewater area of Michigan, here is a great little site with plenty of places to visit. Check it out.


  1. I don't think Jim has ever lubed our antennae. Guess that needs to go on our list. I often wonder in this digital age what museums will look like in the future. How will the grands and great grands find our names (if we did anything to be remembered for) in a list. How exciting for those kids to see their grandfather's name written there.

  2. Sure glad that was an easy fix, water leaks are such a drag. I've never even used my TV antennae so wonder if that's an issue.
    How wonderful to find your Dad's name saved in history and for the kids to see it makes it very real.


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