The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Views from the St Clair River, MI

The Traveling Longdogs and I were parked along the water where Lake Huron enters the St Clair River in our hunt for the big ships that are always elusive when I get to this area. The day was cool by my Texas standards but warm enough for Michiganders to be out boating. Lots of sailboats enjoying the brisk breezes on the big lake.

As I said, a little cool for me but the Canadian swimmers were out in full force enjoying the water.

This guy is motoring up the river towards the lake to join his fellow sailboaters. That is the Canadian shore across the way.  Remember the picture above and then look very closely along the edge of the bank to the left of the sailboat. Yup, that is a group of swimmers from the earlier picture. As I watched, group after group went floating by with no life rafts or even water floats that I could see. And I kept wondering where they were going to get out of the water after they went past as I could see only high sides and no beaches. They were whipping right along in the current too. The current on the Canadian side is not nearly as strong as it is on the American side but it is still strong.

Both the Canadian side and the American side have parks across from each other with flags from both countries. At one time, boaters could freely cross but now you must have passports. This is the Lady Huron tour boat.

Alas, the only big ship I saw was anchored at a dock in Sarnia on the Canadian side. They are there, my timing is just off. My BIL was telling me about the first time he saw one of the new 1000 footers come through.

Port Huron has quite a few different museums to visit. The Thomas Edison Depot Museum is right along the lakeshore.

Interesting Coffee Shop don't you think? "The Exquisite Corpse" does not sound that enticing.

Port Huron has quite a few family style restaurants that are not chains. This is one of my favorites. Have you ever had Auce Cod? My SIL had it and it was very good. Okay....All U Can Eat....took me a while too.

They make some fantastic corn bread here too and you can even get a pan of it to go with honey butter. Don't ask me how I know.

I'm not quite done enjoying the water views yet. Hopefully the rain won't materialize this weekend.


  1. I am enjoying reading all about your Michigan adventures.

  2. What a totally different environment to your TX base. Too bad about not seeing more Big Ships. But the food sounds like a good replacement.

  3. Sure glad you explained the AUCE cod to me. I would never have figured that one out. I'm with you - way too cold to be swimming. I could maybe handle the boat ride with a jacket on.


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