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The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Enchanted In Wimberley

It was a beautiful day just begging for a road trip so Willie and I set off for Wimberley. I used the GPS and found a route that I hadn't taken before. always a plus. It routed me all the way through New Braunfels which could be taken as a minus but I wasn't in a hurry so enjoyed the sites there too. The other dachsies probably weren't thrilled that they were staying home but three dachsies out for lunch was a bit much. So Willie got to go, he's the oldest. Then there's the fact that he can get in more trouble than the other two but, no, can't consider that as it might be construed as rewarding bad behavior. lol

It was an enjoyable drive through country roads. Willie enjoyed it until he couldn't keep his eyes open any longer....about 15 minutes. Once we arrived in Wimberley, we had an enjoyable walk around town. Willie keeps his eyes open for a petting opportunity. He's always up to meet new people.

Wimberley has lots of trees both natural and manmade. See the Texas bottle trees?

We decided on Ino'z for lunch.

They have a nice patio overlooking the creek where well behaved dogs are welcomed.

Lunch was great and very relaxing. Willie did a lot of people and bird watching.

Just up the street, there's a nature trail and preserve....nice to keep in mind for a people walk.

We enjoyed some art on our walk around town.

Hmmmm.....these are new. They weren't here the last time I came but that was a while ago. Wow, there are 30 of these huge painted cowboy boots around town with another 15 or 20 scheduled to be displayed this spring.

Each one is handpainted by an artist.

Don't worry, I didn't see all 30.

This one is kind of like a disco ball with the sun shining off of it.

Do you ever have those days where you feel like the Queen Bee?

This kitchen shoppe is quite well known. They have everything for the kitchen that you can imagine and quite a few things I couldn't imagine.

If you want to come up for a day or two, you might want to rent one of these log cabins if you don't have an RV.

Wimberley is definitely is enchanting and worth a visit any time.

Wimberley is also famous for the "Blue Hole".

The hole wasn't open for swimming; however, it was free to walk the trails. Alas, dogs are not allowed on the trails.

Altogether, it was a beautiful day and a lovely road trip.


  1. Never been to Wimberley. I just may wend my way back to Texas next winter. :)

  2. Hmmm that Queen Bee shop looked interesting! I don't like shopping much, but we do enjoy cooking gadgets.

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