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The Longdogs
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The Big One....65

It seems like just moments ago that I had the "Magic" birthday, you know....the one where you can get your National Park Senior Pass that opens the door to the wonders of our national parks and....let the magic begin.

This year's birthday was the one that requires all the advance research and work. Your mailbox begins to overflow months and months in advance with all the advertisements for supplements for "Medicare". As the spouse of a retired member of the Air Force, any snafu's in applying and obtaining Medicare approval will result in the loss of one's Tricare benefits so that is a huge anchor hanging over your head until that card is obtained. On the other hand, getting Medicare also means that you go on Tricare for Life which sounds good but actually means that you probably won't get to continue seeing your regular military doctor who has been your primary care doctor for quite a while. Oh, and the really exciting part is that they disenroll you with your doctor at the beginning of the month rather than on your birthday so......those tests your doctor ordered the end of January....she won't be able to see you to interpret the results.  And, last but not least, your cost for health insurance increases significantly. Intelligent arrangement right???

Then, you need to make sure you get the new driver's license. And, even though you just had to get a new military I.D. card three months ago, you have to make an appointment and get another one so that they can change something on the back of the card. Intelligent arrangement right???

So what is the upside here? Well, I am still alive and in pretty good health. I worked hard and made intelligent decisions while we were both working so we have decent retirement income. I already have a great RV and it is getting easier to let my DH know I am going RVing even if he doesn't want to go (he doesn't....and to ignore smart comments about sitting in a box while he sits in his comfy recliner.) LOL

Something also happens with the Texas Park pass too but it isn't anything like the magic that comes with the National Park Senior Pass. I'm going to have to check into that. I am so ready to go RVing.

In some ways, all the required preliminary events can make the actual birthday seem a little anticlimactic...unless, of course, you have a great son and daughter-in-law that throw you a birthday party with family and friends in attendance. Then it is great!

Nice birthday cake....very unique!

What? A second birthday cake!  This is really a celebration.

Of course, there were the usual comments about candles standing for decades so that there won't be a house fire. LOL

And there were some other surprises as well.

The big surprise was a Microsoft Surface which is a tablet with unique computer features.

Some entertainment from the granddaughter.
All in all, it was a great birthday celebration......thanks again Steve, Helen, and Dave!

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  1. Well Happy Birthday! And here I thought getting medicare was a great plan but sounds rather complicated, and expensive.


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