The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Long Weekend Escape

We are having beautiful weather for the next 4 or 5 days so I hooked up the RV and brought it home on Wednesday. Thursday morning we were off to Potters Creek COE Campground. We picked this site because the kids and grandkids want to put up their tent and sleep in it. We were going to do it two weeks ago but rain intervened.

Anyway, the Traveling Longdogs and I arrived out here about lunch time. The gate guard said go on in and find a site, set up then come back up and register. So that is what I did. Found a very nice site, checked it out thoroughly to make sure someone wasn't just off dumping the tanks. It was completely clean and empty. I got us backed in, unhooked from the truck and hooked up to the utilities. I leveled us up and opened the slides. I decided that I would run back up to the gate and pay up before setting up the inside.

That's when it happened......the gate guard told me I must have the wrong site as that number was taken until Tuesday. I told him there was someone in the next site but this one was definitely empty with no signs of any occupants. He said no, it is rented and they may have gone somewhere for the day so I would have to move.   Seriously????????  He was rather gruff which didn't help....a woman was at the gate when I came in. He said I would have to pick out another site and move as he couldn't let me stay when it was already rented.  Talk about an unhappy camper.....that would be me.....and it was getting warmer by the minute.  So back I went. I talked to two other campers parked nearby. One hadn't seen anyone there. The other said that there was a small RV with a black car that pulled out that morning. View

I pulled the slides in, unhooked the utilities, and hooked up the truck. In the meantime, the Traveling Longdogs have been waiting patiently in the truck the whole time. We drove around again and found a couple of other sites. I went back up to the gate and was going to pay for one but had some concerns if I could get into it with the branches hanging down. I asked if I could change the site if I couldn't get into it. The lady was once again at the gate and told me just to go and park and come back. I asked her if she would still be there when I came back and she said yes. I said the man hadn't been particularly nice about what happened especially since it was not my fault. She said he mentioned that I had been upset and they were both really sorry and realized that it was not fun to set up and then have to move.

Back I went and I did manage to get in the site I wanted. Budget dollars being down, branches haven't been trimmed for some time and they really need it. I was almost set up when the gate guy pulled up. He said he felt really bad about what happened and wanted to know if I was getting set up okay. He seemed sincere and I know it wasn't their fault.  I told him that other than the branches which really needed trimming, there was only one thing wrong with the site. I asked if they had recently done electrical work on it.  He said no, not recently. And then I remembered that I was out here last year when they did some work on that post. I already checked it out and it worked fine but they put the outlet for 50 AMP in upside down which made it rather a hassle to get my surge protector to fit in there. He looked and said....."yep, that is definitely not right. I'll put a work order in on that to get it fixed. Wonder why no one told us before." As soon as I finished, I headed back up and paid for four nights. Now to relax!

View out my back window.......

And here are the Longdogs relaxing......
Oh, by the way, this all happened yesterday. We had a great afternoon, evening, and night. Guess first site is still vacant. For whatever reason, the couple in there left and failed to check out or leave their car pass at the gate when they left. Must be experienced two days worth of experience. They did pay for the site, it wasn't the gate guards fault, but they sure caused another camper a lot of extra work.


  1. Had the same thing happen to us at an Alabama state park. All set up and told we had to move. No one on the original site the entire time we were there. Haven't stayed in an Alabama state park since. Potters Creek is one of our favorite stops going West. Hope to see you there, one day.

  2. What a hassle but looks like you got a good view.

  3. That's too bad - after finding the perfect site and then having to move, nothing is going to be as good. I like to move around in a campground (without hook-ups) - but I don't like to HAVE to move. I'm glad you got settled in another great site. Nice shady spot for the pups' fence.

  4. So unfair and a waste of your time and energy.


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