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The Longdogs
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After such a disruptive beginning, the rest of the weekend went great. Steve and Helen arrived late afternoon on Friday and quickly set to work setting up their tent. It's a pretty big one that can actually be divided in half but it goes up quickly and easily. I put my patio mat out in front of it so dirt wouldn't get tracked in. Angus thought that was a perfect place for him to lay. Unfortunately I neglected to get any pictures of the whole set up all weekend. After they were done getting things set up, it was time for them to head up to Marble Falls to pick up the kids. As soon as they turned on the road heading towards Canyon Lake, Morgan had it all figured out that they were going camping!  The kids ate coming down with their Mom so they were able to hold out on dinner until they arrived back at the park. I started a campfire before they got there so it was burned down enough to roast hot dogs.....a thrill since we are usually under burn bans when we are out camping.
Saturday, Helen was talking about swimming and they had reminded the kids to bring their swimsuits with them. I didn't figure it would be warm enough in the water so didn't worry about a swimming spot. We headed over to the beach area only to find that it was really non-existent with the water being down. The area exposed by the lower water was really rocky (sharp rocks) so that really wasn't doable.


We ended up going back over by the boat ramp which we really don't like to do but it was about the only place that you could get in the water and there were other people there. So....keeping a sharp eye out for anyone needing to load or unload their boat, the grandkids got in the water. Steve got his feet wet....Helen didn't get anything wet and neither did I. It is only the very beginning of May after all and Canyon Lake is a big deep lake so it was too cold for us.

The kids rode their bicycles and kept pretty busy all weekend. Saturday night, we had another campfire with marshmallows so it was a pretty successful weekend after all. The weather was perfect. Sunday afternoon, the tent came down and everything got stowed away. Steve and Helen took the grandkids back to meet their Mom in Marble Falls. The longdogs and I took a nice long walk and visited with some of our camping neighbors before heading to bed.

Monday morning I finished tearing down the campsite....not much left to do there, cleaning the RV inside, and hooking up. I thought about staying for several more days but with at least 40% chance of rain every day for the next 10 days (several 80-90% chances), I decided to head home and get things put away before the rain hit.

The Traveling Longdogs and I are already eager to head out again and we just got home two days ago.


  1. So Nice Lol! I love your adventures and fabulous posts! One of the best blog posts I've read in a while.
    guys trip

  2. Nice that it all ended up so well. I think kids don't feel the cold.


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