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Hooking Up with Friends

Tuesday, I headed south from Schertz and Birdie headed west from Lake Medina. Our goal was Travelers World RV Park where Judy, a friend from WomenRV forum was staying. We decided to take the bus downtown rather than drive and park. Susan, if you read this, I was going to stop by and say hi but both your vehicles were gone. The bus dropped us off right near the Riverwalk so we had a very scenic walk to and from the Alamo. Judy, Birdie, and I in front of the big tree on the Alamo grounds.

Luckily, the scaffolding that was up in front of the entrance to the Alamo a few weeks ago was gone so Judy was able to get a great picture right up front.

The well near the big tree. It was a Tuesday so it wasn't too crowded here.

There was a demonstration going on in the grounds where kids were learning about the Alamo.

We had a great lunch at Charlies on the Riverwalk but didn't get any pictures there. Not crowded at all so we could take our time and visit. This fantastic statue is right along the Riverwalk in front of a museum.

It won't be long before the Riverwalk is lighted for the holidays but it is always beautiful especially if you walk further down away from all the shops and restaurants. All in all, we had a really nice visit with Judy and the chance to give a friend a guided tour.

Thursday, I went to a Get-Together of a different sort. I belong to, a group just for charge, great site designed by RVers for RVers.  Check it out. There are hundreds of groups you can join at the site. I manage a group called WOMEN RVing which is just for women who RV or want to RV.  We have almost 600 members just in our group. So I set up a GTG. We picked Johnson City Texas as we knew several women who were interested in meeting and this was kind of central since they would be coming from different directions. No, we didn't meet at the Jail but Pecan Street Brewing is right next store, just across from the courthouse..

We had eight women show up for our first GTG. L to R: Johnnie, Diana, Joyce, Birdie, Vicki, Donna, Me, and Karen. Two of the ladies are fulltimers, those two plus two more are currently traveling in this area, and the rest of us are part-timers. It was a great lunch and fun to meet new friends. Karen joined RVillage the day before after meeting Donna and Donna brought her along.

RVing is such a good way to meet new friends. I see a lot of future GTGs for RVillage and WOMEN RVing group members.


  1. Nice post ... I am going to look into Rv village see if there's any groups in Florida there thanks for the info

  2. A couple of nice gtgs. The bus seems like a good way to visit the Riverwalk.

  3. Hey Colleen. Sorry I missed you. Bob was working and I was probably doing a 6-mile walk on the Mission Reach of the River Walk with my friend, Susan. We also went to lunch at Guenther House on the walk. Didn't get back to the 5er until after noon. Took a nap, then did laundry later in the afternoon. Thanks for checking. Let me know if you do any more lunches!

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