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The Longdogs
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Tying Up Loose Ends For November

I made a day trip out to Cranes Mill Corp of Engineer Park to visit my friend Birdie. It was a gorgeous day.

Wildflowers still blooming in late November.

This is a nice park. The RV portion of the park was not damaged in the May and October rain that raised the level of Canyon Lake way above normal. The tenting area was damaged but most of the damage has been cleaned up. The tent area is closed for the season while the damaged areas are brought back to normal. The other COE park with water and electric hookups, Potters Creek, was heavily damaged and only one small area was reopened and then closed again with the last flooding. It will be quite some time before Potters Creek, a much larger park, is reopened.

We decided to take a walk out around the tent area to see how it looked.

There are some residents out there.

The water is higher than it was before all the rain.

The boat ramp is open and was in use while I was out there.

Things are looking pretty good and most of the cleanup has been completed. Very little has been done at Potters Creek.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our kids and some of the friends as well as the grandkids. This was the only picture I managed to get which only included a few people. Helen cooked the turkey and several other dishes and the rest of us brought lots of sides and desserts. One of the guys cooked a fantastic pork loin dish and sweet potatoes. Two of the guests were from Denmark. It was a great way to celebrate together.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Helen called and said the grandkids wanted to come over and decorate for Christmas. They had already put up all the decorations at their house. Believe me, this is the earliest our tree has ever been put up and decorated.

There were lots of observers because Cameron and Morgan did most of the actual decorating.

It was a great way to end the month and get a head start on the upcoming celebration of Christmas.

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