The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

It Wasn't Just Another Rodeo!

I needed some time off last week so on Wednesday morning, I made real quick work of throwing a few clothes and the dog crates into the truck, picking up the 5th wheel, and heading out of town. Of course, The Traveling Longdogs, Willy and Harley, were already in the truck. I didn't go far but it was really nice to get away. Less than two hours later, I was set up out at the lake and ready to relax. It was very quiet at the park which was fine with me. The weather was perfect, warm days and cooler nights. We got lots of walks in including one at the Canyon Lake Dam where we saw this:

Check the lower left quadrant....can't see him??

How about now?  It's a Texas Roadrunner. That was really a nice surprise.

We didn't do a lot more than just relaxing. The new grocery store is open right there in Hancock and is very popular. They have some interesting landscaping.

You may remember earlier posts when we visited the Dinosaur Museum near the lake. At one time, eons ago, this area was seashore and there were dinosaurs. I picked up just enough food to get buy for a few meals.

Friday afternoon, I headed back into town and took the RV back to storage.....just for two weeks, I promise Pholly. Then I headed north to Marble Falls with my son Steve to pick up the grandkids for the weekend.

Saturday morning, Steve, Helen, and the grandkids picked me up early and we headed to the San Antonio Rodeo and Stock Show.

We started in the stock barns.

There were tons of people and lots of pigs in the first barn. Lots of kids were walking their pigs around with a stop at the weigh scales. They cannot exceed a certain weight....I think it was 290 for the males although females could weigh more. They walk the pigs around using a little crop tapping them on each side to get them to turn where they want them to go. Most were pretty cooperative although there were a few that weren't so happy about it.

There was a neat little town set up with all the appropriate buildings.

Next up were the sheep.

And then the, real goats although they did have some neat photo opportunities for the kids.

By then it was lunchtime....a lot of unique choices although a bit pricy. Morgan had been and cheese tacos, Cameron couldn't be dissuaded from a bacon wrapped footlong hot dog. Steve had a turkey leg with sides and Helen and I shared a chicken kabob.

Then it was back to the exhibits. They had a whole Lego Building with lots for kids (and adults) to do.

Then it was time to head to the Arena for the actual rodeo. I was ready to sit for a while by then.....lots of walking on this day.

You aren't allowed to take cameras with large lenses on them into the arena. I had my point and shoot but it was quite a ways and the light wasn't optimum so I didn't get a lot of pictures.

We saw bull riding, bronco riding with and without saddles, calf roping, and then kids 4-7 years old attempting to ride sheep for 6  seconds (so funny). And then there were the kids a little older roping calves.

All in all, it was a great show and that was before the show with Trace Atkins. We all really enjoyed that too. He has a great voice and put on a good show. The only thing one could wish is that the music was just a little quieter so you could hear him better.

The day wasn't over yet. We headed back to Steve and Helen's house where Dave joined us for dinner and a birthday celebration. Ta da! my birthday. The kids have both a birthday hat and a birthday plate for the already saw them earlier in the month for Steve and Morgan's birthdays.

The grandkids love birthday parties so we always wait to celebrate until they are with us.

It was a great birthday from start to finish. I needed today to rest up.

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