The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Running Start to Spring Break

Thursday morning I pulled the RV home from storage and loaded it up. Friday morning, I pulled it over to my son Steve's house so that daughter-in-law Helen could load up their things while Steve and I drove up to Brownwood to pick up the Grandkids. The Traveling Longdogs were none too happy when I pulled out with the RV without them. It was an all day trip but we got to watch them do their runs at the athletic event held right before every spring break.

Morgan (in the maroon shirt) starts out strong.

I think she was more into jogging than running but she didn't quit.

We had to wait while they ran through all the grades first starting at the bottom and working their way up with separate races for boys and girls. Cameron is moving right out in the black and turquoise shirt on the right.

Unlike Morgan, Cameron loves to run and takes it very seriously.

Cam didn't come in first but he placed well so he was happy.

Glad we got to see the kids run but it's a long way up to Brownwood and back in one day.  We had a sandwich in Marble Falls and picked up the Traveling Longdogs when we got back to Schertz. Then we headed back over to Steve's where the Traveling Longdogs and I slept in the RV. The kids were surprised to see it in front of their Dad's house because our Spring Break trip was a surprise for them.

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  1. Very cool trip to see the grandkids run. Sounds like you're enjoying spring break as much as them!


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