The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Incredible Galveston Tree Sculptures

When Hurricane Ike hit Galveston Island in September 2008, it covered most of the island in a tidal surge. The damaging combination of powerful winds and waves immediately uprooted many of the city's trees and led to the ruin of thousands. A group of homeowners saw an opportunity to make lemonade from lemons and change destruction into signs of rejuvenation. Today, you will find whimsical tree sculptures instead of the majestic oaks that once lined many neighborhood streets and shaded homes. While you can find the tree sculptures throughout the island, the majority are concentrated in the East End Historic District. It should also be noted that the tree sculptures were paid for by private residents not some government program. You can take a self-guided tour walking, bicycling, or by car. Just pick up a brochure at the Visitor's Center. You can also pay for a bus tour but it is easy to get the brochure and follow along on your own. The Galveston Island Tree Conservancy and Tree Committee worked to ensure 100% of the "Iked" wood was kept out landfills and used for recycling projects. 100 tons was used for restoration of America's only remaining whaling ship. 200 tons went to Malaga, Spain to be used in the completion of a full scale replica of the Brig "Galveztown". Several tons were taken by a local lumber yard to mill and dry for building projects. You can also buy a variety of wooden art pieces through several Galveston art galleries. Now on to the tour..........

Island Totem Pole

Birds of Galveston

Tall Ship ELISSA Figurehead

Great Dane

Pod of Dolphins and Mermaids

Two Crested Herons


Another view of Two Crested Herons


The Geisha

Yellow Lab

Tin Man and Toto

Three Pelicans and Fish

Grandmother Reading to Her Grandchildren

Monument to Galveston's Trees

Where  Have all the Flowers Gone   (This is the only sculpture where part of the tree is still living and only the dead part was sculpted)

Mermaid Holding a Clamshell
There were just a couple sculptures on this part of the tour that we couldn't spot or couldn't find a clear shot to photograph them. There are other sculptures scattered throughout the Island and the brochure gives locations for them too but we didn't have time to find them this trip.
We all really enjoyed this tour, adults and kids and recommend it as a "must do" in Galveston.

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