The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Jamaica Beach RV Resort

For the first part of our trip to Galveston Island, we stayed at Jamaica Beach RV Resort. It is south of Galveston about 10 miles on the bay side but you have access to the Gulf beach right across the road.
It's a real nice park but when we arrived, the area where the connections for the RV are was under about 8 inches of water due to all the rain Texas has been having. Steve waded in and hooked us up. Since the pads are all concrete and raised up, it was only the grassy area that was flooded. There was no rain after we got there so they came out and pumped the water off the lower lying area.
The next morning Steve fixed pancakes for everyone while Helen was out running. She trains every day and vacation doesn't change that.

And while Helen is with us, she isn't actually on vacation. Fortunately she can telework from anywhere as long as she can use her cellphone for telecons and has Internet. Here she is working away at the pool.

Steve and the kids at the family pool. There are actually two pools. Neither are very deep. The adult pool has a much nice landscaped area around it and a walk-in type edge with a tiki bar on one side. A lot of families with kids were using the adult pool during the day because there was so much more room. They also have a splash pad for the kids next to the family pool.

Soon there will also be a lazy river but it is still under construction. They are also in the process of adding quite a few more sites.

They have a Pirates Mini-golf course which is available to RVers staying there at half-price.
One of the nicest facilities they have is the indoor spa/hot tub.  It is the largest one I have ever seen. Steve checked out their gym and used their weights. They also showed movies on an outdoor screen every night but first it was too wet to sit on the ground and then the mosquitoes were too bad due to all the rain. We also enjoyed the beach access area. They have a laundry room and a clubhouse available. The staff is very friendly and they will deliver pizzas you can custom order through the office. We stayed here Sunday afternoon through Wednesday morning.

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