The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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Birthdays Are Big in January

January has always been a big month for birthdays in our Dad, my brother, my son, and my granddaughter all celebrate during January. The kids were here this weekend so we celebrated Morgan's birthday on Saturday. The day started off with a trip to the movies to see Moana. Grandpa went to the Gunshow while the rest of us went to Moana. It was actually a really good animated movie show that we all enjoyed. Then came the birthday dinner and party.

In case you were wondering, Morgan had a King cake for her birthday. She loves the fact that she can have a special cake because her birthday falls when they are available.

After the party, Steve, Helen, Morgan, and Cameron were off to a Monster Truck show. Angus came home with Grandma.

Sunday dawned on another birthday......Steve's big day.

We had to have a second King cake to celebrate!

You may have noticed the hat the birthday worn by the birthday pair. Helen found this wild hat and it immediately became the family birthday hat. Those are candles on the top and it says Happy Birthday on the front. There is also a Ronald McDonald's birthday plate that the birthday person uses.

It was a great weekend and I think both celebrants enjoyed their day!

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