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The Longdogs
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A Quick Run Down to Rockport/Fulton TX

Wednesday, I planned to make a quick trip down to the Gulf Coast.....Rockport/Fulton TX to be more specific. I am planning a rally for a group I belong to and I had already checked out online and called about 25 RV parks in the area. After narrowing it down to 5 or 6 possibilities, I wanted to visit and check them out in person.....sometimes websites can be a bit misleading. Mary Jane agreed to go along.

We planned to set out by about 8 AM since it would be a long day. I woke up to fog.....I mean the cotton ball kind of thick fog that is really unusual for San Antonio. I picked up Mary Jane and we set off hoping that the fog would clear any moment.

Well, we headed out the back way so there would be less traffic.  Going through town at 8 AM with this kind of fog was out of the question. We went slow and you could only see three car lengths in front of you. We both found it absolutely amazing that about 1/3 of the cars didn't have their lights on....they were virtually invisible 3 car lengths ahead unless they stepped on the breaks.  It took us about an hour and a half to go what would normally have only taken a half hour. Finally, the sun broke through and minutes later, the fog disappeared like it had never been. What a relief!  The rest of the drive was great with full sun and warm weather.

We came into Rockport from the north end with the GPS programmed to take us from one park to the next.  It was interesting to see each different park and know that what makes a park great for a rally is not the same thing as what makes it a great park for an individual RVer. We needed a park that had decent amenities, a reasonable price, and who could put the whole group together in one area with good access to the amenities. Our second stop fit the bill perfectly but we still went on to look at the rest to be fair. The second park was the best by fair and, miracle of miracles, also offered us the best price! Woohoo!

We stopped for a very late lunch at a Burger King with this view across the road from us.  Nice, huh?
Our last stop before heading home was the Visitor's Center where had a nice visit with a man from the chamber of commerce and picked up lots of pamphlets. I think everyone is going to love this rally.

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