The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Grandparents Weekend

Angus came over on Tuesday night, Halloween, to spend the week with us while Steve and Helen headed off to Florida so Helen could race in the Ironman Florida Triathlon on Saturday. Halloween was kind of drizzly here this year but we still had trick or treaters. Angus needed a little Grandpa laptime.

Then there was a little Willy and Angus blanket time on the couch.

Friday night Angus and I drove up to Burnett to pick his kids. He was really excited to see them. Saturday was a very quiet day at home because Cameron didn't feel good. We tried a visit to the bookstore but it only lasted a half hour so we came home and Cam took a nap and finally felt better when he got up.

Sunday, we had a pancake and bacon breakfast followed by a trip to the Busby Flea Market per request of the kids. Back at home, the legos came out. Harley was very interested in the round green piece on the top of the blue container.

Very interested indeed. He made a play for it every time Morgan's attention was diverted.

Ah, success......but it didn't last long. Willy and Angus weren't interested. I'm not sure if Harley really wanted that piece or he just wanted the kids to pay attention to him instead of to the legos.

It wasn't a wild exciting weekend by any means. The weather was beautiful and I really wanted to take the kids camping but, considering the fact that Cameron forgot to pack any clothes to bring down and then was sick, we were much better off at our house. We found some clothes for him at his Dad's and he was feeling better on Sunday. This is what happens when you give your phone to your grandson so he can talk to his Dad on the way back to Marble Falls......actually there were 12 of these shots.  It was good to spend time together just grandparents and grandkids!

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