The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Deer Point Lake County Park

On our way home from the Florida Caverns, we took a short cut the last few miles and went right past this little park.  It is actually a fresh water lake located on one side of a dam while the West Bay with brackish water (part salty, part fresh) is located on the other side.  Pretty neat.

There is a nice small play structure, a swimming beach, and a boat ramp with dock as well as lots of picnic tables with covers.

While the kids were playing, Steve worked on his exercise routine.

Cameron did a little tree climbing and sky watching.  The clouds were beginning to roll in.

Taking a break from swimming.

Back to the swimming.  There are a couple of rafts out on the water but no diving as the water is not very deep.  The water was crystal clear and the kids were surprised to find out that it was not salty as you can actually see our neighborhood park beach in the distance from the dam.

We waited out one rain storm sitting under a covered pavilion as it looked like it would move through quickly; however, when the next one popped up, we decided to head out.  Still, it was another great day in the water.


  1. You guys are so neat and seem to have a great time. I enjoy reading your stories.

  2. Send us some of that rain, gf. Still waiting for a long dog fix!!!!

  3. Thanks Michael. Of course, it's easier to write about the fun times when things are going as planned.

    Nancy, I would love to send you some of this rain. There is more than enough rain here in Florida. Lots of thunder and lightning to go with it. The furkids miss you too.


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