The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Ochlockonee State Park-Day 2

After we got back from Wakulla Springs, the kids wanted to go swimming again back at Ochlockonee so Steve headed back to the beach with them while I took the dogs for a little walk around the campground.  Helen was feeling much better but we wanted her to rest because we knew that she wouldn't miss the upcoming wiener roast and smores fest.

The kids were gone for quite a while and everyone else was beginning to get a little hungry so I decided to head down to the beach to take a few pictures and get things moving back toward the campground.  On the way down the road, I met some other occupants of the park.

I also saw these flowers along the side of the road.

I was too late for the pictures as Steve, Cameron, and Morgan were on their way back.  Of course the deer were gone by then but at least I had my proof on camera.  Once we got back to our campsite and started getting the campfire ready, we had another observer.  He was pretty brave.

Dinner is roasting, those really long handled roasting sticks came in very handy.

Morgan loves to have her picture taken.  When Helen told her to "work it, work it", these were the results.

The big kids got in on the roasting too.  Everyone likes their wieners done their own way.

Dinner was outside at the picnic table.  Fortunately there was a small breeze to keep the bugs at bay.  Everyone agreed that it was a great dinner.  We also roasted turkey kielbasa which was even better.

The evening rolled to a close on our final night at Ochlockonee.  All that was left was a trip through the showers and maybe a book or a short movie.

The next day, Helen headed up to Tallahassee in the car on her way to school.  We took our time getting ready to leave but finally it was time to say goodbye and head back to Panama City.

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