The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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Just Another Day

Not as much to write about when you aren't traveling at the moment.  The weather is beautiful here in San Antonio right now.  The highs have moved down to the mid 90's and the lows are in the low to mid 60's and the wind has backed off too.  Looks like we are due for temps to rise again but the long streak of over 100 degrees should not be back.  There is still no rain in sight.  We are beyond worrying about it for the sake of the lawns and vegetation and more worried about getting some to end the fire danger which seems to keep popping up all over.  Smoke is in the air.

Several state parks, Bastop and Possom Kingdom, have had really severe damage.  Very few acres at Bastrop weren't burned although they are still trying to save some of the CCC buildings.  We've even had fires near San Antonio on the north and south sides.  And still people will flick a cigarette butt out the window or burn trash.  And then I read some of blogs I follow or the WomenRV Forum where so many other places are being literally drowned out with continuous rainfall and rivers out of their banks.  Hope the weather rights itself soon.

I ran into some interesting computer problems lately.  On both facebook and the WomenRV forum, the small letter "c" and "h" would not work.  I could use the capital letters okay.  And the small "c" and "h" worked just fine on Yahoo and Blogger so I knew it couldn't be something stuck under the keys.  I finally logged out of both Facebook and the WomenRV forum and completely shut them down and rebooted.  Thank heavens everything started working correctly in both areas.  I know I had some really strange posts where the "c" and "h" were either missing or were replaced with capital letters.

Computers can be so wonderful but also very frustrating when you experience strange problems.  One of the wonderful parts was that I was able to have a lengthy conversation with my cousin in Calgary complete with video this morning.  And last night I got a Skype call from my mid 80 year old Aunt and Uncle in Ft St John, BC just checking in to see how I was doing.  Can't beat that use of technology.

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