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The Longdogs
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Leon Creek Greenway & Visit with Friends

Today we decided to head across San Antonio to visit with some friends, Bob and Loretta, who live on the west north west side of town.  Traffic was light so it only took us about 30 minutes to get there.  The power was off in their neighborhood when we arrived.  It seems that someone riding a mini-bike may have hit a transformer. Bob said that they heard loud pops one right after the other.  We were enjoying the shade on their patio but the work crews for the electric company had the power back on in no time.  We were looking for something to do so Bob decided to show us an area of Leon Creek Greenway not far from their house.

The paths on the Greenway extend about 18 miles.  We were on the extension at the top of the map.

This area we were going to look at was the Cathedral Rock Nature Park.  It opens off Grissom Road into a small parking area with one small play structure.

The initial path we started down was not paved so it was rather dusty right now since San Antonio has been so hot and had no rain for so long.  But the path meandered through a wooded area with nice shade.

The scenery was nice and the shade helped although it was really too hot to be out walking as the temperature was approaching 100 degrees.  After spending quite a bit of time outside in the Florida humidity this summer, the heat here doesn't seem quite as bad to me as the humidity did.

This bridge was recently completed.  There is actually one area that still needs the final fence to replace the temporary one.  We are now into areas that have wide concrete pathways.

This whole area was apparently already owned by the city.  Much of it is actually a water run-off area.  Right now there is absolutely no water in sight but they are building it to withstand the rigors of sudden water run-off hitting the area.  The concrete pathways are firmly anchored with extended heavy wire and rebar.  Although we saw just a small part of the Greenway, it is definitely a step in the right direction for San Antonio.

The extreme heat and total lack of rainfall are obviously very hard on trees and greenery in the city.  The good thing is that we have some really tough greenery that is not used to pampering.  One of the interesting trees we saw in our walk had these yellow berries all over it.

Anyone know what it is?

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