The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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Rain-Can It Really Be Rain?

Saturday morning, I planned a trip to Gruene, Texas to the Market Days.  As I headed north up I-35 towards New Braunfels, it started to sprinkle.  Then it started to really come down hard.  This was the first rain we'd seen in quite some time.  Although slightly disappointed, I turned around and headed home as the market days are outside and it was obviously not going to work out.  The thought of a good downpour was very exciting since the landscape around here is really brown right now.  The closer back home I got, the drier it got until at last there was no rain and not really any in sight.  That happens a lot when these very scattered showers come up.  

Later that evening, however, I heard rumbles which got louder and saw streaks of lightning in the sky. Could it be?  The pictures aren't great but the sight of the rain was.

We finally got rain too.  Although it was nothing the like huge downpour near New Braunfels, every drop is appreciated around here.  I had a blog post in July or August entitled "Rain, rain, go away".  What was I thinking?  Of course that was Florida and they get way more than their share of the wet stuff.  Here, we were happy to bring our total rainfall for the year up to 9.56 inches.  Normal is about 24 inches so yes, we are still in a drought but the weatherman says maybe 20% chance next Thursday??  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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