The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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Finishing Up with Fuddruckers

Today was a day for Dave so we checked out a couple of motorcycle shops here in San Antonio.  He loves to window shop for accessories but doesn't like to drive all over San Antonio so I get to chauffeur him around.  Some quick Internet research and plugging addresses into the GPS get us off to a good start.  After he browsed to his heart's content, we stopped at Barnes and Nobles for a coffee and magazine fix.  He asked if I wanted to stop to eat on the way home.  I knew that one of his favorite restaurants had a location somewhere around Loop 410 but we had never found it so I hunted it in the GPS and, presto, there it was so I headed in that direction which was not far away.  It's about a block off 410 on Botts so we would never have found it without the GPS.  I saw later where someone had given it a bad rating and called it a ghetto branch but it was clean, the staff very friendly, and the food great when we were there.
The vegetables in the fresh condiment bar looked great and definitely fresh!

Dave doesn't bother with the fries but he orders the 1 pound burger so we don't go there often.

The burgers were great, the buns fantastic, and the fries perfectly seasoned.  Couldn't have been better!

Now that he knows I can find it and we don't have to go clear downtown or to the west side of San Antonio, I know he will want to come back again.

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