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MacArthur Park

The weather is just great here in the San Antonio area.  We decided to head over to MacArthur Park to take advantage of all the sunshine.  It's just on the side of a hill as you go west around IH410 towards the airport so we saw it and had to take the next exit and try to work our way back around.  That was an experience in itself but I did get to see a lot of the MacArthur Park neighborhood that I had no idea was there.  There are beautiful winding roads with huge live oaks everywhere and big spacious yards.  Not what you would expect in that area near IH410.  Looks like a wonderful place to live.  We never could wind our way back to the previous exit so we ended up going under the expressway and heading east to the next exit which is what we should have done in the first place but then look at what we would have missed.

This is a really nice park named after Gen Douglas MacArthur.

There is lots of shade, several large pavillions for big parties, picnic tables, and benches scattered around the park.

Of course, the kids were interested in the playground equipment and there is a lot of it.  There are lots of swings and jungle gyms and playscapes.

There are balance beams that slowly bend at the joints as you go across them.  Cameron is an acrobat but Morgan likes a helping hand.

You can find rock climbing structures to challenge your kids.  All the playground equipment is surrounded by soft pebbles so any falls are pretty cushioned when the kids overestimate their abilities.

There are lots of slides plenty big enough for parents to play on with their kids.

You can find things to swing on and to climb on and to balance on.

With kids you always have to have drinks and snacks so we travel prepared and there were lots of places to take a little rest and refreshment.

And then it's back to the games and fun.

And even with all the families out enjoying the day, and the new bikes being ridden around the sidewalks, and the kids playing everywhere, it's a big park so there is plenty of room to get in a rousing game of tag!

Everyone will sleep good tonight!


  1. When I lived in SA, I used to pass by there all the time on my way to work & back. I never did stop though. I didn't take advantage of most things when I lived there. But I did spend lots of time in Canyon Lake! Looks like you are having a great time with family :-)

  2. What a wonderful park! The kids look like they had a blast!!!!

    Karen and Steve
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