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The Longdogs
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A Big Day for Birthdays

After our trip to the Zoo, it was time for dinner and then cake.  Morgan wanted pizza so she got pizza.  The standby for cakes at our house is chocolate with chocolate frosting, DH's favorite and pretty much everyone else's favorite too.  Morgan, however, saw a strawberry cake and that is what she wanted.  We had a combined "Morgan and Steve" cake since Steve's birthday was only two days later and he said he didn't care if the cake was strawberry so I got cream cheese frosting.  The cake says "Morgan" then "Happy Birthday" and then "Steve" on the bottom.

Morgan got 7 candles at the top and Steve got a "4 decades" candle plus two 1 year candles.  lol.

And then the presents began.  Morgan likes clothes so I opted for them since she has lots of new toys from Christmas.

She was so excited about this motion detector cow.....

 ......and this cow rug that she got from her Dad and Helen.  She used it to watch a movie and later wanted it in her bed.

She also raved about this Lalaloopsie doll with booboos and bandaids.

The only downside was that she and Cameron had a small piece of the strawberry cake each and the rest of us got stuck cleaning up the rest of the cake.  Next time she may get a strawberry cupcake and we will have chocolate cake.   Ah, two more birthdays are history this year.......


  1. Darling little girl...she must like cows I take it? Birthdays at that age are so exciting.
    Little girls always like clothes don't they?

    1. The subject never came up before so the "cow" love was a real surprise but it was so cute. You know, in Texas, they are all cattle but this one looks like "Elsie".

  2. I vote the cow thing. Maybe she will be a vet.

  3. Looked like a really fun birthday for Morgan and Steve.

  4. Nice looking son and grandchildren. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. The zoo photos were great too, thanks for sharing.


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